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Bachelor of Science — Biology

The biology program at MACU provides students with a strong foundation to enter multiple science careers; STEM graduate schools and professional health science programs. In addition to classroom and laboratory teaching modules, MACU provides abundant opportunity for faculty-to-student mentorships, peer-to-peer collaborative learning, and critical thinking opportunities related to science research protocol.


  • Prior Learning
  • Vocational Experience
  • Certificates
  • CLEP/DSSC Testing

Course Types & Cost Breakdowns

Major Requirements 70-71 Hours
University Core 46 Hours
Electives 6 Hours
Orientation 1 Hours
Approximate Total Degree CostSee cost sheet.

Costs are an approximate guide only.

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University Core

12 Hrs

9 Hrs

7 Hrs

3 Hrs

3 Hrs

6 Hrs

6 Hrs





Social Sciences


U.S. History & Government

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