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Bachelor of Science — Mathematics

The B.S. in Mathematics provides a comprehensive understanding of the nature of mathematics and its relation to the sciences, philosophy and other liberal arts. In addition to general education and Bible coursework, course topics include geometry, calculus, linear algebra, abstract algebra, statistics, differential equations and mathematical modeling to provide a foundation on which graduates may begin a career in teaching, applied mathematics and research or pursue graduate studies.


  • Prior Learning
  • Vocational Experience
  • Certificates
  • CLEP/DSSC Testing

Course Types & Cost Breakdowns

Major Requirements 50 Hours
University Core 58 Hours
Electives 14 Hours
Orientation 1 Hours
Approximate Total Degree CostSee Cost Sheet

Costs are an approximate guide only.

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University Core

12 Hrs

6 Hrs

6 Hrs

6 Hrs

7 Hrs

3 Hrs

3 Hrs

9 Hrs

6 Hrs


Written Communication

Oral Communication

Critical Inquiry & Aesthetic Analysis

Scientific Methods

Quantative Reasoning

Social & Behvaioral Analysis

Cultural Analysis

American History & Political Analysis

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