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Ministry Advancement Program (MAP)

The Ministry Advancement Program represents a partnership between MACU and those who share the burden for preparing needed Christian leaders to serve in local Church of God reformation movement congregations. Over this past decade, the Church of God has witnessed a generation of leaders reaching retirement age. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find pastors for congregations with many churches going a year or more before calling their next pastor.

How are funds used?

When you give to the Ministry Advancement Program, you are helping to prepare leaders for church service. MAP funds are distributed in two distinct ways. Primarily, MAP funds provide scholarship assistance to ministry majors in exchange for their service in the Church of God.

While the Ministry Advancement Program primarily furnishes scholarships for students, some funds go to assisting the expansion of leadership training in the local church, as well as supplying funds in hiring faculty for the School of Ministry. For example, MACU has been training through seminars approximately 10,000 pastors and lay-ministers throughout the Americas. Seminars in how to organize one's ministry, how to carry out congregational administration, how to incorporate evangelism and discipleship strategies, as well as many other topics are covered by various seminars.

Who is eligible for MAP Scholarship funding?

All Church of God ministry students are eligible for scholarships after their first semester. This includes all on-campus students, as well as students taking their ministerial coursework over the Internet. Those majoring in Bible & Theology, Specialized Ministries, and Music & Worship qualify.

Ministerial students can qualify for MAP scholarships beginning in their second semester of the freshman year. Recipients of these scholarships are expected to serve in a Church of God congregation(s) in exchange for this financial support. For example, MAP students are expected to give two years of service to the Church of God. This may be done by completing ministerial staff internships.

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