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The Mid-American
Published 3 times annually, the magazine is produced for the purpose of informing alumni, supporters and student families about MACU's milestone accomplishments and highlighting MACU's ongoing commitment to leadership and growth resulting in change throughout the world for Christ.

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The "Why Not" Factor: Chuck Thomas, Trail blazer

Donna Thomas

Looking for adventure? The "Why not?" Factor is one man's response to the challenges before him in life. Audacious, visionary, and almost impulsive, trailblazer Chuck Thomas didn't ask why he should do something, but "why not?" Here is an adventure story, unfolding in far corners of the world, proving we can accomplish great things by taking chances, living and thinking outside the box, and changing the world in the process. To order Dr. Thomas' book please call Brenda at 405.692.3191

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Making Sense of Spirituality

Dr. Cliff Sanders

In Making Sense Out of Spirituality, Cliff Sanders cuts through the mistaken, sometimes muddled, thoughts that we have about God to reveal a true picture of the God who created you, who loves you, and who wants a relationship with you more than you realize.

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