Bachelor of Science in Physics

Physics is often defined as the study of that part of nature that can be understood in mathematical terms. Physicists use mathematics to help comprehend and explain the enormous complexities and mysteries of the world and universe.

At Mid-America Christian University, we are preparing global learners to understand and to develop innovative solutions to the critical issues of the day, such as food, energy and water scarcity. At MACU, you’ll explore the world of physics while learning directly from Dr. Rahmat Rahmat who significantly contributed to the discovery of the “God Particle.”

Learn more about the physics program at MACU and how you can be part of Dr. Rahmat’s student research team that will continue exploring the depths and meanings of physics of the God Particle era.


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Dr. Rahmat Rahmat, head of the physics program is known for his significant contributions to the discovery of the “God Particle.”

MACU is pleased to bring world-class physicist, Dr. Rahmat Rahmat to Mid-America Christian University. Dr. Rahmat has worked closely with two Nobel Laureates in Physics, including: Dr. Martin Perl and Dr. Leon Lederman. His most significant achievement to date includes significant contributions leading to the discovery of the “God Particle,” the Higgs boson which has now been officially recognized as the building block of the universe.

Dr. Rahmat’s Endorsements from the Scientific Community


"Dr. Rahmat Rahmat & his team won European Physical Society (EPS) HEPP Prize for the discovery of a Higgs boson"

 Dr. Rahmat’s passion and enthusiasm for teaching physics is contagious, and he is a compelling voice in the conversation of faith and physics. He has co-authored more than 600 publications, and his diverse research has been funded continuously by federal or national grants.


Universitas of Indonesia, B.Sc., Physics, 1998

M.Sc. Physics University of Oregon, 2003

Ph.D. Physics University of Oregon, 2008


Dr. Rahmat has published more than 600 publications in refereed physics journals. He has also made numerous presentations. Some of his presentations include:

  • Invited Plenary Talk on behalf CMS + ATLAS Collaboration:
    "Searches for new physics at ATLAS and CMS" at the "Phenomenology 2012 Symposium", University of Pittsburgh, May 7-9, 2012, Pittsburgh, PA
  • “CMS Top Quark” Fermilab, USA (attended by U.S. Secretary of Energy Dr. Steven Chu)

  • "CMS Hadronic Forward Calorimeter Status” at the The XVth International Conference on Calorimetry in High Energy Physics (Calor 2012) in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

  • "Fast Simulation of the CMS Detector at the LHC" at CHEP 2012: International Conference on Computing in High Energy and Nuclear Physics, May 2012, New York University

  • "WW, Wgamma and Zgamma production at CMS" (PANIC11) at Massachusetts at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT)
  • “HF GFlash”, presented at The Technology and Instrumentation in Particle Physics 2011 Chicago, USA.

  • “Jets and Jet Shapes in CMS" Princeton University
  • “HF GFlash”, presented at The 2011 Linear Collider Workshop of the Americas (ALCPG11) March 19-23, 2011, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR, USA

  • "H→ττ" in July 2009 on behalf of CMS Collaboration

  • “Hadronic Spectrum of τ-→π-πντ” at “American Physics Society (APS) Meeting” in Dallas, Texas, USA, Representing BABAR Collaboration

Dr. Rahmat has published more than 600 publications in refereed physics journals.



Rahmat was the only scientist in the US that can calculate The Most Precise Top Mass in The World at 7 TeV using advanced quantitative analysis.

Finished some localization projects for:

  • Apple (iPhone)
  • PayPal
  • ISC2 (IT Certification and Security Experts)
  • eBay
  • Google

The Main Software Developer of The Fastest Quantitative Analysis Simulation HF GFlash. His code can run 10x faster than FastSimulation CMS using parameterization based on C++, Python, Mathematica.


Discover the exciting opportunities the MACU Physics Program holds for your students:


  • Scholarships for qualified students
  • Studying directly with and being mentored by a world-class physicist


  • Plus, all new classrooms, physics labs, and MACU computer lab in Kennedy Hall!
An Overview of the MACU
Bachelor of Science in Physics


  • Introductory Physics I & II + Lab
  • College Physics I & II + Lab
  • General University Physics I & II + Lab



  • Physics for Health Science/Medical
  • Physics for Scientists and Engineers
  • Theoretical Mechanics & Electromagnetism


  • Quantum Mechanics
  • Thermal and Statistical Physics



  • Modern Experimental Physics
  • Survey of Physics Problems


  • Graduate Level Physics Classes
  • Research and Thesis


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