MACU Hosts First Hispanic Women's Conference


“I was fascinated that they spoke about the value of women from God’s perspective.
When the event was finished I had a new way to see my values and the courage to do new things because now I know I can!”

More than 80 Hispanic Women gathered at MACU to discuss and learn how to deal with life challenges on multiple levels.

Hispanic women enjoyed a conference designed to address their particular life challenges in the first women’s conference organized by the Thomas School of International Studies (TSIS) and the Centro de Motivacion Integral, an organization founded by Adriana Barona, a TSIS’s alumni of the M.A. in Leadership in Spanish.

The June 29 conference filled the main lobby of MACU with Hispanic women who gathered to gain fundamental tools for their emotional, social, physical and spiritual wellbeing. These principles were communicated from the standpoint of Hispanic women in America, and were conveyed in the comfortable language of this very important part of American culture. Eighty-six Spanish-speaking women attended the conferences and workshops, in an atmosphere of sisterhood and professionalism.

Dr. Enrique Cepeda gave the welcoming message. Mrs. Lidia Sanchez de Cepeda and Anna Macri addressed the two main conferences. Their messages stressed the importance of having a relationship with God to restore women’s identity and value, and thus be able to face the current challenges of their lives.

MACU alumni share their expertise and knowledge in the workshops.

Hispanic6Five talented women leaders who graduated from MACU and TSIS shared their knowledge in workshops that addressed a variety of life challenges: Evelyn Quinonez (Class of 2013) spoke about women and the challenges they face in education. Rosario Luna (Class of 2012) shared about the joys and trials of motherhood. Keila Garcia (Class of 2010) addressed the challenges of being a wife. Adriana Barona (class of 2009) gave important information about the difficulties in starting a small business and how to overcome them. And Celia Hollis (class of 2010) led a workshop about common physical diseases in women and how to cope with the struggles they create.

MACU received support from the community

Sixteen different organizations joined MACU for this event. Businesses, nonprofit organizations, churches, and individuals participated with donations, sponsorships, and other shows of support.  For example, a children’s dance troupe graciously donated their time and talent to entertain everyone with Hispanic dances during lunchtime. Their Hispanic costumes and lively choreography was a highpoint of the conference.


“It was an inspiration for me.
Excellent event, very significant for the community.”


If feedback demonstrates success, the conference was a great success. Many attendees requested more of these types of events.

Those who attended the conference filled out an evaluation form.  Tremendous positive reactions and feedback were received: “I liked it because we had a time to grow in different areas of our lives.” “I loved the workshops, the conference, participants, I received very good information.”

As part of the feedback participants requested MACU to organize two conferences for Hispanic women per year.  In response to these comments, and the overwhelming acceptance and success, Thomas School of International Studies will  join efforts with the Centro de Motivacion Integral to hold the next event for Hispanic Women on November 9th, 2013.  The motivation to continue serving the Hispanic community is to have an opportunity to share about the love of God, the importance of having a relationship with Him, and to equip and develop the full emotional, spiritual and professional potential of Hispanic women in Oklahoma City and surrounding areas.

The event coordinators are very thankful for the Hispanic community, the alumni who shared in the workshops, and the MACU leadership and departments who gave  support before and during the event. The funds collected from this event will be used to organize more events like this conference, additionally a portion of them will be allocated for the TSIS scholarship funds.