Department of Public Safety

A psychological crisis might manifest itself on campus in a number of ways, including, among other possibilities, threats against others, threats against oneself, emotional breakdowns, and alcohol or drug abuse. If you witness a psychological crisis, the most important thing to remember is that the University has on-staff expertise, as well as access to additional community resources, to help resolve a crisis situation. Therefore, your primary responsibility is not to attempt to serve as a crisis counselor; rather, it is simply to notify the proper authorities so that appropriate professionals can address the situation as quickly as possible. The essential steps for dealing with a psychological crisis on campus shall include the following:

  1. Notify the MACU Police Department at (405) 692-3100 or 711 from a University phone the onset of the problem, providing details about location, individuals involved, and a description of the behavior being manifested. If possible, try to isolate the person in crisis away from others.

  2. The MACU Police Department shall respond to the scene immediately. Depending upon the nature of the behavior manifested, the MACU Police Department may also request assistance from an outside agency.

  3. The responding the MACU Police Department  officer shall be responsible for directing subsequent actions taken to defuse or resolve the situation.

  4. Resolving the situation may at times require that the individual in crisis be taken into protective custody, as per state statute.

  5. All media contact pertaining to a psychological crisis on campus shall be the responsibility of the Vice President for Strategic Communication, in consultation with the Director of the MACU Police Department.