Department of Public Safety

When instructed by the MACU Police Department to initiate a "Lockdown" of the campus or specific building(s), the following procedure is to be implemented.

In the event of a police emergency, e.g. "Active Shooter", it may become necessary to "Lockdown" a building or buildings on campus to protect occupants and minimize the overall exposure to danger.

A "Lockdown" is the temporary sheltering technique, e.g. 30 minutes to several hours, utilized to limit civilian exposure to an "Active Shooter" or similar dangerous incident. When alerted, occupants of any building within the subject area will lock or secure, to the best of their ability, all doors and windows not allowing entry to anyone until the “all clear” has been sounded by the MACU Police Department. This procedure converts any building into a large "Safe Room."

Authority and Responsibility

MACU PD is responsible for:

  • Declaring the "Lockdown"

  • Activating the Public Address (PA) systems with appropriate instructions;

  • Immediate response to the scene;

  • On scene incident command (OIC);

  • Notifications to internal and external resources;

  • Arrest of the offender;

  • Security of the scene;

  • Location and security of any shelter sites used

Initiation of "Lockdown" Procedure

If the risk assessment determines the need to secure a building or buildings to protect the campus community and to prevent an escalation of the emergency, the Chief of the MACU PD or designee will give the order to "Lockdown" specific areas or the entire campus.

Notice that a "Lockdown" has been issued will be broadcast over the ALERT system and by other appropriate means, by the MACU PD, with assistance from the Information Technology division.

"Lockdown" Procedure

If preceding an order to "Lockdown" you hear gunshots in or around your building or once the notice to "Lockdown" have been issued by the MACU PD take the following action:

  1. Follow instructions;

  2. Try to remain calm;

  3. Remain indoors, e.g. your office or classroom.

  4. If not in your typical surroundings proceed to a room that can be locked or more easily secured, if safety permits;

  5. Close, and lock all doors, barricade if safety and time permits;

  6. Turn off all lights;

  7. Occupants should be seated below window level, toward the middle of a room away from windows and doors;

  8. Remain silent;

  9. Turn off all radios or other devices that emit sound;

  10. Silence cell phones;

  11. If gunshots are heard, lay on the floor using heavy objects, e.g. tables, filing cabinets for shelter;

  12. If safe to do so, turn off gas and electric appliances, e.g. heater, fan, coffee maker, gas valves, lights and locally controlled ventilation systems, e.g. air conditioner.

  13. Use phones only for emergency notification to MACU PD;

  14. Do not shelter in open areas such as hallways or corridors.

  15. Go to the nearest classroom, lecture hall or auditorium that can be locked;

  16. If outdoors seek nearby shelter, e.g. large trees, walls, mail boxes, and wait for additional instructions from the MACU PD.

  17. A message will be broadcast giving specific locations and directions for entering certain shelter sites; Do not unlock doors or attempt to leave until instructed to do so by MACU PD. The “All-clear” will be announced over the ALERT or other appropriate system when it is considered safe.