Department of Public Safety

  1. Should a lockdown be declared, persons out of doors should seek immediate cover and concealment by using trees, mailboxes, walls, vehicles, fire hydrants or trash cans while waiting for instructions via public address or Alert. The Chief of Police or designee will determine, from available intelligence, the most appropriate alternative shelters, and have police officers assigned to secure those locations. Once the Chief of Police is assured the shelter(s) has/ have been staffed, he/she will authorize the appropriate instructions, on location and safe corridors to approach each shelter, be broadcast over public address and Alert;
  2. Should circumstances prevent the "Lockdown" of a particular building, the Chief of Police must take appropriate steps to secure the building, e.g. securing the building perimeter with MACU PD personnel. The Chief of Police will order police officer(s) to secure each shelter selected for use. Officers will notify the Chief of Police immediately when the shelter has been secured. When safe to move, the Chief of Police will have instructions broadcast over ALERT and the public address system on police vehicles giving the location of the site and safe corridors for travel.
  3. Police officers posted at the shelter will screen all individuals as they enter by having them:
  • Stop at the entrance to the shelter; Identify themselves;
  • Leave all parcels, briefcases, backpacks and gym bags outside at a minimum distance of 20-30 feet from the structure;
  • The person seeking shelter will then open all outer garments for a visual inspection before being allowed to enter the shelter.