Student Life

Intramural Athletics
Our intramural athletic program challenges student to stay fit physically and familiarize themselves with a wide variety of sports and activities. A Christ-centered sportsmanship assures that everyone is challenged, strengthened, and gains something from the spirit of competition. Some of our intramural sports include: flag football, soccer, volleyball, softball, basketball, pool, etc. MACU's faculty and staff often enter teams to participate with the students.

Social Activities
When you need to take a break from your studies, there are all kinds of options at MACU. The Social Committee at MACU provides monthly opportunities for students to get involved in monthly on-campus events or off-campus adventures. Some events include: coffeehouse socials with karaoke, an evening masquerade, and a trip to Dallas for Six Flags and Texas Rangers baseball. We also plan events visiting some of our local attractions such as the NBA's Oklahoma City Thunder, the CHL's Oklahoma City Blazers, the Triple-A Oklahoma Redhawks, or a trip downtown to OKC's Bricktown for a night out on the town.

Oklahoma City provides opportunities for major concert tours at the Ford Center or at Frontier City (a local theme park).

Servant Opportunities
MACU learning takes place both in and out of the classroom. There are many opportunities for you to get involved and make your college experience an adventure. MACU creates opportunities for an individual to serve the community and the church across the nation through our ministries teams. These teams may be trios, quartets, ensembles, our MACU Concert Choir or praise and worship teams sent to minister to local churches or conventions. Other ministry teams work on campus and in churches throughout the summer counseling, preaching, singing, and ministering through drama.

Missions trips over Thanksgiving, Christmas, spring break, or the summer provide students the opportunity to give back to their local community or travel outside the U.S. and serve globally.