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New MACU Bookstore Announcement

The MACU bookstore changeover is here. In fact, textbooks will begin shipping as early as next week! Because the new MACU bookstore is in effect for your December courses, that means we must prepare your information now!

It is essential that you access the MACU Tree of Life portal site and choose your purchase preferences now (buy new, buy used, rent books, or opt out). Failure to submit your shipping address means that your textbook will not be shipped.

Setting your preferences is necessary even if you choose not to use Textbook Butler.

Don't miss out on these amazing benefits:

  • Multiple purchasing preferences: With Textbook Butler, you can choose to purchase new books, used books, or even textbook rentals.
  • Competitive prices: You will find the prices for new and used books to be comparable to what you would find on Amazon or Chegg. Renting books provides the most savings as you simply pay a rental fee and return your books later.
  • Automatic ordering and shipping: Textbook Butler already has your course schedule and automatically ships your books to the address you provide when you choose your preferences. Typically, your books arrive the week prior to your next course. No more late books!
  • Convenient payment: Textbook Butler will always choose the option with the most savings to you when ordering your books based on your purchase preference. The cost is charged to your MACU Student Account where you can apply your Federal Financial Aid funds, pay with your government VA, Voc Rehab, or Military book benefits (when eligible). You can even make cash payments to your account. No more Financial Aid Book Vouchers necessary!

Instructions for Students

  1. Go to
  2. Log in using your D2L username by entering it in front of "" ([email protected]). If you remove the "" the login will not work.
  3. Your password is set as your student ID number by default. Please change your password once you log in.
  4. Once you log-in, you will see a textbook dashboard where you will choose your purchase preferences (New, Used, Rental, or "opt out") and enter your shipping address. Just click on the links provided to enter your information.

Register/Log In Now

IMPORTANT : You will not receive your books through Textbook Butler if you do not select your purchase preference and enter your shipping address.

If you opt out of Textbook Butler, you will be responsible for purchasing your course materials in a timely manner.

Give your Student Support Specialist a call if you have any questions.


[email protected]

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Log in to the MACU Tree of Life bookstore to set your preferences or purchsae books.

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