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- 2014 -
MACU Uganda Water4

Six members of the MACU community recently returned from 15 days in Uganda with the MACU Global Learner program, partnering with Water4, Mission Direct, and Mission4Water. Under the direction of Dr. J Hall, five students – representing CAS and CAGS – worked with Mission4Water to drill a borehole well for Aunt Mizzola Primary School and the surrounding community just outside of the town of Rukungiri. The borehole will provide clean water for the 300 students and teachers at the school and an estimated 25 households in the surrounding area. The team from MACU experienced every part of the drilling process – from first dig through to a completed well. Additionally, the team participated in the well commissioning ceremony and handoff to the school and community leaders. As a part of the ceremony, MACU presented each family with a new, clean jerry can for carrying water from the new source.

In addition to the borehole project, the team from MACU participated in a number of projects in and around Rukungiri. These included: visiting four local schools, playing with deaf children, visiting a clinic for children with special needs, picking chilies as a part of a project to raise funds for school fees, and building a drying rack for a family impacted by HIV/AIDS. All of these projects are supported by Mission Direct, the team’s host for the trip. The group also worshiped with St. Andrew’s Church in Kitazigurukwa, where students sang for the congregation and Dr. Hall preached. To round out the trip, the team traveled to Queen Elizabeth National Park where they experienced a river cruise along the Kazinga Channel and a safari drive through the park.

Throughout the trip, students had the opportunity to interact with Ugandans from all walks of life and varying levels of poverty. When asked about the experience, MBA student Leah Whitney said, “This trip opened my eyes to a new culture. The Ugandan people are extremely welcoming and friendly.” While the educational focus of the trip was on water scarcity, students also learned about food security, health issues, economic development, spirituality, and culture. This year’s trip represents the fourth Global Learner experience in Uganda. The 2015 trip will take place next July. More information and applications will be available in September.