Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction

Expand Your Teacher Toolbox with a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction

The Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction is ideal for both new teachers who need additional coursework to qualify for state certification and experienced teachers who wish to build on their classroom, curriculum and instructional knowledge.

With our scaffolded approach, new teachers will gain knowledge and skills vital to effective classroom instruction while veteran teachers will gain fresh perspectives and ideas on educational practices.

The program offers students a toolbox of strategies and resources that can be applied to their teaching during the program and after graduation. Also, students will demonstrate the knowledge and skills acquired through the program by creating a portfolio, which can be highlighted in interviews with potential employers and utilized as a resource throughout their careers.

Why Earn a Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction at MACU?

MACU is a leader in adult online education. Our 100% online courses accommodate the schedules of working teachers. You'll find that our Teacher Education courses feature a high degree of peer-to-peer interaction and feedback. Your instructors are highly experienced in the field of education, giving you a safe and thriving setting in which to revise and cultivate your skills as a life-changing teacher.

Master's of Education - Curriculum and Instruction - Oklahoma

What You Can Do with a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction

  • Teacher
  • Instructional Coordinator
  • Curriculum Specialist
  • Corporate Trainer
Master's of Education - Curriculum and Instruction - Oklahoma

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Code Course
ED5143 Educational Psychology: Psychology Behind Learning
This course focuses on theories and principles of psychology as they relate to education, particularly with respect to motivation, learning and development in students. Educators will apply these ideas toward the development of strategies designed to improve instructional experiences for a variety of student populations.
ED5153 Language Acquisition, Literacy, and Reading
This course supports the educator with best practices for ongoing language development for all student-learners. Skills and resources designed to support building student vocabulary, fluency, and reading comprehension will be introduced and applied. In addition, the role of student-learner as communicator will be explored.
ED5163 Classroom Management and Safe Learning Environments
This course emphasizes the use of consistent, creative, compassionate and effective educator management skills while providing emotional, social, and physical security in the classroom. Educators will research and acquire management tools for building confidence, community and accountability for both teachers and student-learners. In addition, the role of teacher as a model and decision-maker will be examined.
ED5243 Instructional Strategies and Best Practices
This course examines strategies and practices used in education to support academic growth for all student-learners. Educators will evaluate the implementation of approaches that build student success and explore the role of students as individual learners.
ED5253 Assessment, Data Monitoring, and Applied Practice
This course explores the use of assessment as a guide to support student-learner success. Educators will research evaluation methods and models and learn to use data for decision-making and planning.
ED5263 Advocacy for Learning and Creating a Community of Diverse Learners
This course explores the responsibilities of educators to actively consider the needs of various student-learner populations (i.e., students with exceptional needs, socioeconomic disadvantages, ethnic diversities, cultural and religious beliefs, and family dynamics) and the best practices for addressing them. Educators will research and acquire proactive approaches to build inclusion and community within a school, as part of a classroom setting and through authentic relationship building. In addition, the role of teacher as advocate for student-learners and learner needs will be examined.
ED5343 Curriculum Design and Action Research for Improved Practice
This course supports educators as curriculum designers who utilize data-driven lesson planning to meet the needs of student-learners. Educators will investigate best practices in curriculum design and acquire a clear understanding of the benefits of utilizing the action research process to guide decision-making.
ED5353 Communication and Technology in Education: Etiquette and Trends
This course explores expectations and boundaries of written and spoken communication by educators. Students will study the etiquette of various forms of communication used to express information to stakeholders. In addition, through this course of study, the role of technology as a growing tool for classroom instruction, assessment, and communication will be analyzed.
ED5363 Teacher Leadership and Professional Contribution
This course examines the numerous aspects of the educator as a professional leader. Educators will study leadership concepts and opportunities in the field. In addition, the role of the educator as a contributor to the profession of education will be explored.
ED5443 Legal and Ethical Issues in Education
This course explores law, policy and ethics within the field of education. Educators will explore precedents set through case law and acquire resources that support expertise in educational decision-making. In addition, through this course of study, the role of the educator as an ethical leader and community model will be analyzed.
ED5453 Capstone in Curriculum and Instruction
This course brings together the application of skills and concepts developed throughout the program. Educators will submit reflections on experiences as an ongoing learner and evidence of mastery pertaining to program outcomes and expectations, culminating in a portfolio of resources to support the role of teacher-leader in the field of education.

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