Expand Your Career Options with MACU's MBA in Communication

MBA - Communication Emphasis

MACU’s MBA with an emphasis in Communication combines the business curriculum of MACU’s award-winning MBA program with the disciplines of a Communication degree. This prepares students to solve common business problems, foster cooperation and collaboration between peers and employees, study human resource management, understand how to create and improve internal corporate communications, and learn how to best reach and serve your clients. You’ll also explore public relations, media strategy, and organizational communication and ethics, among many other outcomes.

Why Choose MACU’s MBA Program?

Mid-America’s MBA program was voted Oklahoma’s top Christian MBA program by The Journal Record’s 2017 Reader Rankings, so when students graduate, they walk away with an award-winning business degree.

Our six-week classes are offered on-campus and online, so they are perfect for students who are juggling school, family and work. Also, every instructor is experienced in his or her field of study, ensuring that students learn practical knowledge proven to be successful in real-world business.

When students choose the MBA with an emphasis in Communication, they make the choice to distinguish themselves from other job candidates and gain an arsenal of indispensable skills as an effective and collaborative leader. 

Career Options for Graduates with an International Business Degree

  • Business Executive
  • Human resources manager
  • Public relations manager
  • Marketing executive or manager
  • Advertising executive or manager
  • Media planner or buyer
  • Web content or social media manager
  • Communication specialist or manager

Course List

MGMT 5233 Marketing Analysis and Strategy, Sales and Consumer Behavior
MGMT 6313 Management Science/Operations Management
MGMT 6423 Strategic Business Management
COMM 5103 Advanced Professional Communication and Leadership Practicum
COMM 5113 Global Marketing and Strategic Networking
COMM 5213 Media Methods and Content Creation
COMM 5233 Graphic Design and Portfolio Management

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