Master of Business Administration – Management Accounting Emphasis

Master Money & Management with an MBA with a Management Accounting Emphasis

Some professionals manage people, some manage finances and some do both.

The Master of Business Administration with an emphasis in Management Accounting is ideal for individuals who wish to enhance their skills in business management while also gaining expertise in accounting. This degree gives students the tools and qualifications they need to earn higher salaries, advance in management positions and even oversee their own businesses.

With an emphasis in management accounting, students can build on their general business skill set formed in MBA core courses, further cultivating their leadership abilities through additional in-depth courses on management, communication and marketing analysis. Also, students learn accounting essentials such as accounting information systems, taxation and auditing from instructors who have worked in accounting in the past or are currently working in the field.

For students who have a bachelor’s degree in accounting or have taken the necessary prerequisites, the MBA with a Management Accounting Emphasis qualifies one to sit for the CPA exam.

Why MACU is Your Choice for a Master of Business Administration with a Concentration in Management Accounting

MACU’s Master of Business Administration program was voted Oklahoma’s top Christian MBA program by The Journal Record’s 2017 Reader Rankings, so graduates of the program receive an award-winning degree.

We are experienced in adult education, whether it is on-campus or online, so our MBA program is tailored to fit the needs of individuals who may be juggling school, work and family. Each six-week class in the MBA program uses a similar template, ensuring that students know what to expect from course to course.

Every instructor in the program understands the importance of students truly learning the material, not memorizing it to pass a test. They not only teach theory but emphasize the application of theory through assignments based on real-life situations, government accounting software and audit software.

In addition, the Management Accounting emphasis will separate one’s resume from the pack when applying for positions that require a skillset in both general business and accounting.

Master's in Management Accounting - Oklahoma City, OK

What Job Can I Get with an MBA with an Emphasis in Management Accounting?

  • Controller
  • Business Director
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Accountant
  • Auditor
Master's in Management Accounting - Oklahoma City, OK

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