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Bachelor of Arts — English: Literary and Cultural Studies

The B.A. in Literary and Cultural Studies focuses on American, English and world literature, and literary criticism. It also includes specialized literature and upper division courses in writing. This synthesis of courses build students’ knowledge of world literature, its impact on the development of culture and its reflection of cultural values; competence in literary analysis and critical thinking skills; effective research and writing skills, and an ability to apply both to independent study; competence in varied fields of cultural study such as anthropology, sociology, religion, and communication; and insight into the interrelatedness of literature and culture.


  • Prior Learning
  • Vocational Experience
  • Certificates
  • CLEP/DSSC Testing

Course Types & Cost Breakdowns

Major Requirements 33 Hours
University Core 46 Hours
Electives 15 Hours
Orientation 1 Hours
Concentration 24 Hours
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University Core

12 Hrs

9 Hrs

7 Hrs

3 Hrs

3 Hrs

6 Hrs

6 Hrs





Social Sciences


U.S. History & Government

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