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Bachelor of Arts — Elementary/Secondary Vocal Music Education

The B.A. in Elementary/Secondary Vocal Music Education follows the rigorous standards set forth by the Oklahoma Commission for Teacher Preparation (OCTP). This degree program focuses on teaching music at the elementary and secondary levels, thereby developing children in grades K-12 through music. Students will not only gain theoretical knowledge of music and its importance in educating children, but will also gain practical skills through experiential learning, so they may seek licensure in elementary/secondary vocal music education and become effective teachers in the classroom, whether in a public or private school setting. In addition to covering the subjects of child/adolescent and educational psychology, instructional technology, instructional strategies, and exceptional children, the program also includes: music teaching methods, history of music literature, music theory, aural skills, conducting, electronic music/media, and vocal diction, pedagogy and history.


  • Prior Learning
  • Vocational Experience
  • Certificates
  • CLEP/DSSC Testing

Course Types & Cost Breakdowns

Major Requirements 86 Hours
University Core 46 Hours
Electives Hours
Orientation 1 Hours
Concentration Hours
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University Core

12 Hrs

9 Hrs

7 Hrs

3 Hrs

3 Hrs

6 Hrs

6 Hrs





Social Sciences


U.S. History & Government

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