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A Special Welcome From President John Fozard

There are many ways that a university fulfills its mission. The most obvious way, of course, is by educating students and commissioning graduates to go into the world to practice the knowledge of their disciplines, their skills, and—in the case of our graduates— their faith.

Massey Center Dr James Earl Massey

Dr. James Earl Massey

Dr. James Massey is one of the most extraordinary Christian communicators of our time. He’s an accomplished musician, a pastor, a prolific author, theologian, and a professor. If you don’t recognize his name, you may still recognize his voice. For five years he was the on-air voice of the Church of God broadcast, “The Christian Brotherhood Hour,” and for more than 60 years, he has been the loving husband to Gwendolyn Inez Kilpatrick-Massey.

Massey Center Dr James Earl Massey
Massey Leadership Center Preaching From Hebrews

Preaching From Hebrews

Dr. James Earl Massey has written another book on preaching.

Pick up your copy from Warner Press.

Massey Leadership Center Preaching Magazine Interview

Preaching For A Decision: Interview With James Earl Massey

For more than four decades, James Earl Massey has captivated congregations and fellow preachers through his preaching and teaching, Now retired, he most recently served as dean of the School of Theology and professor of preaching and biblical studies at Anderson University, Massey first gained a national reputation as pastor of Detroit’s...

Massey Leadership Center Preaching Magazine Interview
Massey Leadership Center Spurgeon Fellowship Interview

An Interview Of Dr. James Earl Massey By Art Azurdia

I first met Dr. James Earl Massey seven years ago in Dallas, Texas. We were both keynote speakers at the E. K. Bailey International Conference On Expository Preaching. From the first moments of his preaching I knew he would become something of a mentor to me...

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Articles by Dr. J.E. Massey

Read inspiring words from Dr. Massey in the following two articles:

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