Bachelor of Arts — Elementary/Secondary Vocal Music Education

Teach and Mentor the Next Generation of Musicians with a Music Education Degree

The B.A. in Elementary/Secondary Vocal Music Education follows the rigorous standards set forth by the Oklahoma Commission for Teacher Preparation (OCTP). This degree program focuses on teaching music at the elementary and secondary levels, thereby developing children in grades K-12 through music. You will not only gain theoretical knowledge of music and its importance in educating children, but will also gain practical skills through experiential learning, so you may seek licensure in elementary/secondary vocal music education and become effective teachers in the classroom, whether in a public or private school setting.

In addition to covering the broad subjects of child psychology, instructional technology and instructional strategy, this concentration includes courses covering music teaching methods, music history, conducting, voice, aural skills, vocal diction and pedagogy.

What Will You Learn in Our Music Education Degree Program?

You will learn the fundamentals needed to teach music through music history and theory and hands-on experience. MACU's dynamic Music Education curriculum will develop you as a compassionate, knowledgeable teacher who comprehends the importance of music and its profound effect on child development. You will learn from experienced professors who are professional musicians looking to share their knowledge and experiences with a new generation of upcoming teachers. 

Why Choose MACU?

MACU's School of Teacher Education is dedicated to creating the next generation of Oklahoma educators by teaching them with a well-rounded mixture of coursework, theory and firsthand experience through opportunities as a student teacher. We believe that teachers have the most important jobs out there — that's why we put the love of Christ into all of our classes, so that teachers may go out and leave a positive impact on the lives of children and help them grow to their full potential as God has intended. You will learn from professional teachers and musicians who have a heart for music, and our small class sizes guarantee you will develop a one-on-one relationship with your instructors as well as your peers.

At MACU, you won't just grow professionally, but personally and spiritually through our diverse campus life. Whether you live on campus or commute, you'll be a part of a college community through attending weekly chapel services and sports games, joining small groups and clubs, taking part in campus events and more. 

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