Write Your Future with a BS in Communication, Media and Ethics from MACU

Communication is everywhere, and effective communicators are always in demand. As the way information is communicated becomes increasingly digital and versatile across many platforms, the need for communication professionals becomes even more apparent. The Bachelor of Science (BS) in Communication, Media and Ethics from Mid-America Christian University is built as a three-tiered program that is divided into media studies, public relations and social media. MACU’s unique degree program teaches students how to effectively navigate current and emerging channels to get your brand and organization standing out from the crowd.

Why pursue a BS in Communication, Media and Ethics degree from MACU? 

  • Receive an introduction to online-based and consumer-generated media such as social social, blogs, websites and mobile apps
  • Hone your writing skills to become an effective content creator on a variety of platforms, including traditional print, websites, blogs, journals, podcasts and social media
  • Learn how to craft messages tailored to diverse audiences across many media types 
  • Take your classes one at a time, evenings on campus or 100% online
  • Earn credits for what you already know using our life experience program 
  • Unlock a wide variety of career options, including as a brand manager, advertising creative, social media manager, webcaster, podcaster, marketing specialist, journalist and more

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Major Course Topics

Introduction to Computer Mediated Communication

Introduction to Computer Mediated Communication (or CMC) will immerse students in a deeper understanding of the practical, professional, and scholarly uses and approaches to understanding how communication not only functions but also continually evolves in an increasingly digitized world. Courses will explore theoretical foundations in CMC, with discussions and assignments bent toward applying knowledge of CMC toward corporate and social situations.

Digital Media Literacy

Digital Media Literacy offers a foundational introduction into better understanding how mass media and mediums create, disseminate, and even manipulate knowledge and information, for good and for ill. Students will engage a survey of broad readings designs to deepen visual, cultural, and linguistic “literacy” as a method for better understanding how the Internet and digital cultures function to shape communication.

Writing for Mass and Social Media

This course serves as an introduction to and an examination of the various writing styles and techniques required by communication professionals in our digital age. Students will learn how to meet the demands of the marketplace for persuasive, professional writing skills for broadcast, print, web, or social media. Careful attention will be given to the roles of informing, persuading, and motivating while learning to communicate with clarity and impact. Includes basic interview skills and an introduction to journalistic ethics.

Media Law and Ethics

Students will be introduced to legal and ethical practices in the public relations discipline. Copyright, liability, and contracts in public relations will be emphasized.


Our accelerated courses can be completed in as little as five weeks, allowing you to finish your degree quickly. In addition, we also offer up to 30 hours of course credit for your prior work, military or other life experiences through our life experience program.


With classes available 100% online or one night a week in the evenings, there is always time to fit school into your busy schedule. Our classes utilize a state-of-the art learning management system to help simplify and centralize your education.


MACU tuition costs 20% less than private universities nationwide. We are dedicated to making a great Christian education accessible, so we offer convenient payment plans and other opportunities for financial assistance. 

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