According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 16% of Americans work from home — and that number is expected to climb. If you want to pursue a career that allows you to work from home, MACU has several accredited online degrees in fields that are proven to be great options for remote employees. Some top choices for aspiring work-at-home employees include:


Psychologists are no longer tied to physical workspaces. With a need for psychologists to serve at crisis call centers and offer online therapy sessions that are conducted via text or messenger, there is also a growing trend for psychologists to work from home. 

MACU proudly offers online psychology and counseling degrees that are fully accredited and built and taught by professional counselors —  many of whom have their own private practice! Our degrees and courses are constantly updated with the latest trends and therapies. If you are interested in pursuing a psychology career from home, consider preparing yourself with one of MACU’s degrees: 

Data Analytics 

Not only is data analytics a booming field with a high payout, but many data analysts can work comfortably from home. From small startups who don’t have enough office space to big tech companies like IBM and Microsoft who have a global footprint, many businesses employ data analysts who conduct their work remotely. 

To meet the rising need for data analysts, MACU launched Oklahoma’s first-ever dedicated degree of its kind. The B.S. in Data Analytics was written by industry experts and combines mathematics, business and computer science to give students a well-rounded entry into this popular field. 

Digital Marketing 

Digital marketing is another field that translates easily to home work. Whether you’re managing digital marketing for businesses or running social media accounts, digital marketing is a profession that can be taken on the go. Because of its inherent virtual nature, digital marketing is a popular choice for professionals who want to work from home. 

MACU’s B.S. in Digital Marketing is the first degree in the state to specifically focus on digital marketing. Built by marketing professionals from around the country, this degree prepares students to work as content managers, SEO specialists, paid search specialists, marketing analysts, social media managers and more — and all of these jobs are great options for professionals who want to work from home.


Accountants can take on a variety of specialized roles such as financial accounting, auditing, budgeting, government accounting, forensic accounting and certified public accounting. This means accounting professionals can work across a range of private and government employers, and it’s often work they can do from home.

MACU is a leader in accounting degrees, with several specialized online programs to help you enter work in one of these professions. 

If you already have an accounting degree and you’re looking to gain some specific knowledge or change your career trajectory, you can also enroll in one of MACU’s online accounting certificate options:


Our accelerated courses can be completed in as little as five weeks, allowing you to finish your degree quickly. Take one class at a time so you can focus on your career dreams.


With classes available 100% online or one night a week in the evenings, there is always time to fit school into your busy schedule. Our classes utilize a state-of-the art learning management system to help simplify and centralize your education.


MACU tuition costs 20% less than private universities nationwide. We are dedicated to making a great Christian education accessible, so we offer convenient payment plans and other opportunities for financial assistance. 

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