Become a Standout Educator with a MEd in Curriculum and Instruction from MACU

Oklahoma schools need educators who are passionate and effective in the classroom. That’s why Mid-America Christian University is proud to offer the Master of Education (MEd) in Curriculum and Instruction. This degree is ideal for both new teachers needing additional coursework to qualify for state certification and current teachers looking to build on their classroom, curriculum and instructional knowledge.

Why pursue a MEd in Curriculum and Instruction from MACU? 

  • Licensed Oklahoma teachers receive a 10% tuition discount on their degree program
  • Put what you learn in your courses to use immediately in your classroom
  • Graduate with a portfolio that can be highlighted in interviews and used as a resource throughout your teaching career
  • Classes are built around a teacher's busy schedule and held 100% online
  • Courses are developed and taught by Oklahoma educators, including several current superintendents
  • Utilize MACU’s Student Services team for tutoring, mentorship, homework help and more  

Major Course Topics

Educational Psychology: Psychology Behind Learning

This course focuses on theories and principles of psychology as they relate to education, particularly with respect to motivation, learning and development in students. Educators will apply these ideas toward the development of strategies designed to improve instructional experiences for a variety of student populations.

Language Acquisition, Literacy, and Reading

This course supports the educator with best practices for ongoing language development for all student-learners. Skills and resources designed to support building student vocabulary, fluency, and reading comprehension will be introduced and applied. In addition, the role of student-learner as communicator will be explored.

Classroom Management and Safe Learning Environments

This course emphasizes the use of consistent, creative, compassionate and effective educator management skills while providing emotional, social, and physical security in the classroom. Educators will research and acquire management tools for building confidence, community and accountability for both teachers and student-learners. In addition, the role of teacher as a model and decision-maker will be examined.

Communication and Technology in Education: Etiquette and Trends

This course explores expectations and boundaries of written and spoken communication by educators. Students will study the etiquette of various forms of communication used to express information to stakeholders. In addition, through this course of study, the role of technology as a growing tool for classroom instruction, assessment, and communication will be analyzed.

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