Help Children and Adults Overcome Mental Illness with a MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

One out of every five U.S. adults struggles with mental illness each year, including conditions such as anxiety disorder, depression, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, PTSD and more. As you gain the skills to become a clinical mental health counselor with a Master of Science (MS) in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from MACU, you’ll be prepared to treat these individuals compassionately and effectively as they navigate through struggles with mental illness. You’ll meet a wide array of clients during your profession, and MACU’s Counseling program is uniquely designed to equip you for the different situations you will help men, women, children, couples and families get through.

Why pursue a Counseling degree from MACU? 

  • MACU's Counseling degree programs were recently recognized by as one of the best in the U.S. for educational excellence, affordability and faculty quality
  • Combine professional critical thinking and a Christian faith-based approach when offering counseling in secular and ministry settings
  • Learn leading-edge mental health theories and treatment approaches from real-world counselors and psychology professionals
  • 85% of MACU graduates were offered jobs where they completed their practicum or internship! 
  • Take your classes one at a time, evenings on campus or 100% online

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Major Course Topics

Tests and Measurement

Accomplished counselors integrate knowledge and skills in the areas of assessment, evaluation, and testing to perform systematic appraisal of the needs, abilities, and characteristics of clients, couples, and families. Students will synthesize the assessment process to perform accurate differential diagnoses, align theories of counseling for treatment, and utilize the complete assessment and testing process to culminate in writing comprehensive mental health reports and to construct complete treatment plans.

Clinical Psychopharmacology in Counseling

The foundations of therapeutic and behavioral effects of psychoactive drugs will be extensively explored in this course. The effects of medications on the nervous system, neurological functioning, cognitive processing, and emotional and behavioral functioning will be studied. Decision-making processes for prescribing medications will be explained so that counselors can understand the part medications may play in treatment. Organized by disorder and, within each disorder, by medication, this course is designed to familiarize counselors with the basic terminology and models of pharmacokinetics.

Child/Adolescent Psychopathology and Counseling

Students performing differential diagnosis of disorders of childhood and adolescents according to the current DSM, explaining the disorder with an understanding of normative and non-normative aspects of development, and demonstrating the adaptation of a range of counseling theories specifically for working with that population is the primary purpose of this course. 

Addiction and Chemical Dependency Counseling

This course will examine the historical foundations of chemical dependency counseling along with the theoretical and practical acquisition of Models of Addiction and Recovery. Alcoholism and substance abuse; readiness to change; counseling methods, tests and assessments for chemical dependency; and specific knowledge of alcohol and drug research will be the focus of this course. Potential for co-occurring disorders will be explored along with the impact of addiction on families, marriages and couples. Strategies will be examined to reduce the negative effects of substance use dependence and to help clients identify the impact of addiction on life, the effects of continued harmful use or abuse, and the benefits of a life without addiction


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