MACU Named Minority-Serving Institution

MACU’s thriving population of Hispanic students has led to the Oklahoma Department of Education naming the university a MinorityServing Institution (MSI). MSIs make up a category of educational establishments based on either historical origin or enrollment criteria.

With Hispanic students comprising more than 25 percent of MACU’s undergraduate student population, the university qualified on the basis of enrollment criteria.

That means the university is now qualified to receive Title III and Title V grants. The grants can be used for various areas of campus improvement, including for student scholarships, tutoring, retention, recruitment and the employment of Spanish-speaking and bilingual employees in every department.

Executive Vice President Dr. Bobbie Spurgeon-Harris said the distinction will help MACU give back to the Oklahoma City area’s growing Hispanic population by offering opportunities that are tailored to that group’s needs. “Being able to qualify for these grants helps us help our Hispanic students,” said Spurgeon-Harris. “This is an exciting opportunity for us to pour into our Hispanic community and deliver the best educational experience possible.”

MACU is committed to serving the Hispanic community in a variety of ways, and Spurgeon-Harris said these additional grant opportunities will bolster the university’s already-bountiful offerings for Hispanic students.

Currently, MACU offers a Master of Arts in Leadership entirely in Spanish so that Spanishspeaking students can develop their leadership skills and earn their graduate degrees without the obstacle of learning a second language. Additional certificates and learning options are also available through MACU’s Thomas School of International Studies (TSIS), which services Spanish-speaking individuals across the globe, and through the university’s Bethel Series, which is also available online and entirely in Spanish.

For Hispanic students seeking a traditional degree, MACU offers a Hispanic scholarship of $8,000 a year funded by the JASCO Giving Hope Foundation. The scholarship is offered to students of all majors and is paired with discipleship through the university’s one-on-one discipleship program.

“We have so many opportunities already available for the Hispanic population,” said Spurgeon-Harris. “We are excited to see what the future holds for us as we continue to develop these options and add new ones as a Minority-Serving Institution.”

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