Mid-America Christian University to Construct New Counseling Center

The United States is facing a mental health crisis with nearly 50 million adults experiencing a mental illness. As part of the mission of Mid-America Christian University (MACU), the university strives to solve local and global problems for the good of society. MACU is excited to announce the beginning construction on a counseling center, which will consist of five private counseling rooms, space for group counseling sessions and offices for counselors.


Through this 1,476 square feet on-campus counseling center, community members will be able to receive counseling from MACU students who are going through our graduate counseling program. This provides a safe space to open up the dialogue regarding mental health, while also giving our students experience in the field. The month of May is Mental Health Awareness month, which brings recognition to these important societal subjects.


Dr. Leon Descottier, Chair of the Behavioral Science Program, explains “Awareness has been increasing continuously over the last decade; however, action has been slower due to a lack of resources and an overwhelming increase in need.”


Mid-America Christian University sees this gap and is striving to further the conversation on topics like mental health.


By opening this new counseling center, MACU is hoping to Do Greater for its students by providing the counseling as a free resource, while allowing MACU’s graduate students a place to practice what they have learned.


Dr. Kimberly Thomas, the Program Director of Psychology, states “The students not only get a chance to hear their instructors, but they also get a chance to turn around, take what they have learned in the classroom & put it into practice.”


Dr. Sharon Lease, the Vice President of Academic Affairs adds, “In addition to the tremendous assistance that student interns will provide to students and others, these internships will also benefit greatly by gaining the required experience and practicum hours needed to become licensed in the field.”


The state of Oklahoma requires 300 hours of practicum and internship time for a candidate to become a LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor), so this allows students to earn their hours while serving their community. The counseling center is scheduled to open in Fall 2022.

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