Racial Reconciliation

To Our MACU Family,

The recent murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor have caused national and global anger and outrage. We understand that unrest comes from long term battles for change that have failed to relieve oppression. As a University, we are grieved by the loss of human life and abuses of power. We believe this grieves the heart of God.

Our CHOG national Director, Rev. Jim Lyons recently wrote, “We stand with Jesus, who never changes. This gives us a certain anchor, a confident hope, even as our hearts are torn. But, if we can face the future with hope in Christ, it must also be said that to follow Jesus we must also know how to weep, to acknowledge the plight and confusion of the world before us. We are a part of that world, too. Jesus is as much about the here and now as He is the hereafter. How can we know the Man of Sorrows if we don’t know sorrow?” To our MACU alumni, staff, faculty and students of color, we stand with you, weeping, praying, and sharing the sorrow.

We see that there is more work for us to do as a people of faith. We believe that healing must take place among the people of God and through the process of lament and repentance. As we consider the heart of God and the example of our Lord who laid down his life for others in radical self-denial, may we be ministers of healing and hope that leads to change.

We are committed to push back injustices wherever they may be built as we are pushing toward God’s vision for his church in the work of reconciliation. We remain committed to discipling the hearts of our students to be leaders who solve the ailments at the root of this problem. We remain committed to being a faculty and staff who are devoted to understanding and empathy. Deeply ingrained habits to silence and dismiss the experiences of people of color is a fundamental failure of our duty to love one another.

Further, we do not want to remain silent toward the cause of justice. We believe that as we live out an ethic of love and justice, we are fulfilling our mission as an institution and glorifying God. We are submitted to the authority of the Bible on matters of love and unity. The scripture makes plain that, “anyone who claims to be in the light but hates a brother or sister is still in the darkness,” 1 John 2:9. We don’t want to merely be hearers of God’s word but incarnational examples of his word lived out. We will live in the light.

We know that the work of love and justice is a long-term process. We also know that we serve a God who is well-able to do more than we could ask or imagine as we submit our hearts and our hands to the work of gospel reconciliation.

Stronger Together,
John Fozard, Ph.D.

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