MACU Parents

Welcome to the Evangel Family, Mom and Dad!

As the parent of a current or prospective Evangel, you play an essential role in your student's success. Your son or daughter will turn to you for advice, reassurance and direction throughout their journey as a MACU student. 

We are committed to offering a high-quality, Christian education that is fully accredited and is truly worth something in the workplace. Your student will graduate from MACU fully prepared to follow the career of their dreams or to pursue further study at the graduate level.

You may contact the Director of Student Life at any time during the school year to ask questions or inform Student Life of new challenges your student may be facing by calling 405-692-3242 or by emailing [email protected]. We want to partner with you in your student’s success.

Student Care

Finals Relief Kit

Finals can be a stressful time for students, especially during their first year. Order a Finals Relief Kit for your student that will be delivered prior to final exams to help them relax. Kits include snacks, instant meals, study supplies, study tips, and other items to help reduce stress. We will send out a Finals Relief Kit email to all parents who have provided MACU with their email address. The link is live and is available for order on Evangel Days, or you may receive the link by emailing [email protected].

Snail Mail

Remember the art of letter writing? It still works! Students get very excited when they check their mailboxes and find a little love from home. All of our resident students have a campus mailbox. Commuter students may be given a campus mailbox at thier request. Address your cards, letters, and packages to:

Student Name
Campus Box: (optional)
Mid-America Christian University
3500 SW 119th St.
Oklahoma City, OK 73170


Student Concerns

Throughout the school year, your student may face unique challenges. Here are some potential student concerns to keep in mind during the fall and spring semesters: 


  • Homesickness
  • Roommate conflicts
  • Initial adjustment to academic environment
  • Values exploration
  • New social life adjustment
  • Long-distance relationships
  • Financial adjustment


  • Academic stress from midterms
  • Roommate problems may continue
  • Continued values exploration
  • Dating/non-dating/friendship anxieties can be high
  • Continued homesickness
  • Time management and study habits
  • Students may decide to withdraw from school


  • Academic pressure from procrastination and upcoming finals
  • Depression and anxiety from lack of adjustment
  • Increased alcohol consumption could result from mounting academic pressure
  • High stress can cause roommate problems to arise again


  • Final exams pressures bring stress and anxiety
  • Time strains with seasonal parties, end-of-semester projects, and studying for finals
  • Financial worries with the thought of holiday gifts and travel costs
  • Friendship tensions can become high with the stress of final exams


  • Anxiety about second semester performance, especially if first semester did not go as well as planned. Pressure to get good grades to stay in school or keep
    a scholarship
  • Some students become more aware and concerned with weight put on over first semester and from holiday foods
  • Reincorporating social and academic life can be difficult after an extended break from school


  • Seasonal depression can occur with the short and cold days
  • Stress can occur from mid-semester exams
  • Finding money for spring break can be a problem, especially if the student is traveling


  • Living arrangement anxieties occur when signing up for housing
  • Anxiety over finding a summer job
  • Lack of motivation can occur with spring approaching and the length of the semester


  • Academic pressure increase with the end of the semester
  • Nicer weather makes it easier to find alternatives to studying and homework
  • Continued summer job pressure
  • Finals pressures are at a critical level with papers, exams, and studying. Some students may turn to alcohol or drugs to deal with the stress
  • Anxiety for couples who will be separated for the summer


  • Missing friends after moving home
  • Readjustment to living at home after freedom at school could lead to conflict with parents
  • Anxiety about the upcoming school year

In Case They Ask...

Where is my mailbox, and why should I check it?

Every residential student is assigned a mailbox. Commuter students may be given a campus mailbox at their request. The mailboxes are located in the Student Center, in the center of the Main Building. The campus mailboxes are used to send information from the administrative offices and professors to you. Mailboxes are also used to receive letters or packages from home. If you do not check your box, you may be missing important information.

Do I have a school email? 

Each student is given a MACU email address. University communication will be sent via emails. Students are responsible for obtaining this information. This is also a very important form of communication from Mid-America faculty and staff to you. You will need to check your email on a regular basis. This is the official way MACU staff and adminstrators will contact you with important information. It is possible to have your MACU email forwarded to a different email account. Please submit a helpdesk ticket to to set this up.

What should I do when I am sick?

Student Life has a list of local physician options. If you need help scheduling an appointment or getting to the destination, contact your Resident Assistant. You will need to contact each of your professors to let them know why you are not attending
class and to find out what work will need to be made up.

How do I report a maintenance problem? 

It is your responsibility to report problems. This can be done by submitting a Service Request Form online at The form is located on the left side of the screen under “Quick Links”. Complete the information as requested on the form. If
the request is listed by 8:00am, maintenance will try to take care of the problem the same day. The maintenance department does not work on the weekends; therefore, maintenance requests submitted after 4pm on Friday will not be addressed until
Monday morning. In case of a maintenance emergency, contact a Resident Assistant. Remember, let maintenance do the repairs.

How do I find a job?

A student seeking employment at MACU should frist contact the Student Success Center about job openings and qualifications for Federal Work Study and Work Grants. Federal Work Study is a student employment plan where the student works at the college and is paid twice a month. To be eligible for Federal Work Study, a student must have a demonstrated financial need as determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and have received a FWS award, listed on the Award Letter. To verify eligibility, students should talk to their Financial Counselor. Once the student completes the employment application, the application will be sent to departments the student has identified as places of interest for employment.

Work Grant is an institutional employment plan where a student works on campus for approximately eight (8) hours per week per semester and, in return, receives a grant of $600 toward their school bill. There will also be an Evangels at Work Job Fair hosted by the Student Success Center during the first week of classes.

What is community service?

The concept of our Community Service program is to challenge students to model the “servanthood” of Jesus. “Service” is to be others-centered. Each student at MACU is required to complete twelve (12) hours of community service each semester for six (6) semesters before graduation.

How can I get tutoring?

Tutoring services are available for all traditional students through the Student Success Center (SSC). Students are not charged a fee for using SSC services. Most tutoring takes place on weekday afternoons and evenings. Students who would like tutoring should use the link on D2L to schedule an appointment or see the drop-in hours.

Request Info

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