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The Bethel Series is Online at MACU

The interest in the Bethel Series Online courses instructed by Mid-America Christian University President Dr. John Fozard has been amazing. Seleccione aqui para ver la pagina en Español.

If you are interested in future courses and other learning opportunities offered by Mid-America Christian University and the Bethel Series we encourage you to fill out the form below. Questions? Contact Lisa Allen at (405) 703-8231 or [email protected]

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A Brief Description of Bethel Series

From the first lesson, the Bethel Series begins to acquaint you with the narratives of the Old and New Testaments, and presents the themes  of the Scriptures in the clearest, most systematic manner possible. Soon you’ll begin to see the interrelationship of themes, events, and concepts within God’s Word and gain a vital new appreciation for how each part of the Scriptures relates to the whole, and vice versa!

Bethel Series Media

Mid-America’s online learning system uses many different pedagogy methods. The Bethel Series includes video lessons and supplemental media found in each and every week. Watch one of the lessons taught by University President John Fozard below.

FAQs About Bethel Series

Who should take the Bethel Series Online?

That’s easy! Anyone who wants to gain a deeper, more meaningful and life-transforming understanding of God’s Word will benefit from this course, including:

  • Pastors and pastoral staff
  • Sunday School teachers
  • Bible study leaders
  • Christian counselors
  • Anyone who desires deeper theological education

What Will I Learn?

The Bethel Series will equip you to:

  • Comprehend the major themes that run throughout the Old and New Testaments by drawing together biblical stories and passages that otherwise seem disjointed.
  • Understand the radical differences between Hebrew-thought and Western-thought that impact how we view the Bible and its content.
  • See the various parts of Biblical messages in direct relationship to its historical context.
  • Interpret Scriptures in its relationship to the whole of God’s revelation, and not in isolation.

I recently had the privilege of taking the Bethel Series at MACU. The Bethel Series is a wonderful course for anyone who desires to dig deeper into the Bible. It provides an overview of the Bible and digs deep into some of the areas of the Bible that can be confusing at times. I especially loved the Old Testament study, it clarified many things for me. The lectures done by Dr. Fozard where very informative and easy to follow. The layout of the entire course was conductive to a great learning experience. I would highly recommend the Bethel Series to anyone who is serious about learning more about the Bible in a systematic fashion.

– Ruben R. (Bethel Student)

Should I Audit the Bethel Series or Get MACU College Credit?

The Bethel Series Online is offered through the J.E. Massey Center for Ministry and Leadership at Mid-America Christian University, and at two levels of study: The Bethel Series Audit or MACU College Credit.

Bethel Series Credit Details

High School Students
$175/3-Hour Course

MACU accepts highly motivated high school students. MACU has an agreement with a local school district to enroll concurrent students at a reduced course rate of $175 per three hour course.

Audit or Non-Credit Enrollment

Whether you are a minister or lay leader, you may audit the Bethel Series in order to grow in your understanding of the Bible. Some of these students may wish to complete this intensive teacher training course to receive the Bethel Series Teacher Certification. Others will participate in the course but may not complete all of the memorization or testing.

MACU Undergraduate College Credit
$1,185 / 3-Hour Course ($395/Hour)

MACU offers the Bethel Series at the reduced rate of $395 per hour per 3-hour course. For-credit students therefore earn 12-hours of college credits when completing the Old Testament as well as the New Testament Bethel courses. MACU degree seeking students, both traditional as well as adult or online, may apply up to 12 hours to their degree plan.

MACU Graduate College Credit
$1,440 / 3-Hour Course ($480/Hour)

In addition to the course costs, all students pay for course materials.

How Much Time Will I Need to Invest?

Both levels of study will require a commitment and investment of your time, but the rewards of your efforts will benefit you the rest of your life. Students should plan on committing at least five hours of Scripture reading each week. Some students do the Bible reading assignments as part of their devotional times. Those taking the course for college credit should anticipate additional assignments.

The Bethel Series is completed in four semesters.

21 weeks of Old Testament—Fall and Spring Semesters

21 weeks of New Testament—Fall and Spring Semesters

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