Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Administration and Ethics

Score Your Dream Job with a Bachelor of Business Administration

Develop the skills and strengths you need to become an exceptional business leader in today’s highly competitive world.

MACU's Business Administration and Ethics degree equips you for careers in both the public and private sectors. Its blend of traditional theory and modern strategies grounded on biblical truths prepares you to confidently address challenges in the ever-evolving field of business. The degree program enhances your understanding of core business concepts and features specific business dynamics and competencies that are critical to the success of any business or organization.

The Bachelor of Business Administration program emphasizes practical knowledge concerning both technical skills and soft skills. Students will take courses on topics such as accounting, legal environment, software applications and marketing in order to acquire a broad understanding of the general operations of a business. Students will also polish soft skills such as communication and managing change, making them well-rounded candidates for a wide variety of positions in business.

In order to prepare students for the realities of business, courses focus less on lectures and more on simulation, real-life case studies and discussion. The program’s concentration on applicable knowledge allows graduates of the program to step into the business world with work-ready skills and ethics to match.

Why Should You Choose MACU for a Business Administration Degree?

Mid-America Christian University sets itself apart through its commitment to creating individuals who not only excel as professionals but also who excel as individuals of character.

The business administration program reflects this mission of MACU by integrating ethics into every course and evaluating students holistically. The business instructors assess students in a way that goes beyond merely looking at grades, as they take into consideration other factors, such as the strengths and work ethic of a student.

In addition, MACU’s School of Business molds students to excel as professionals by using real-world case studies and concepts offered by an advisory board composed of business leaders from around the region. Students who exit the business program, whether they took classes on-campus or online, will be equipped to confidently make an impact in the world of business.

What You Can Do with a Bachelor's Degree in Business

  • Business Owner
  • Sales Manager
  • Accountant
  • Business Consultant
  • Banker

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Code Course
ACCN2103 Principles of Financial Accounting
Fundamental accounting relationships; completion of the accounting cycle; accounting process for merchandising enterprises; receivables, payables, and inventories; deferrals, accruals, and intangible assets; and formation. Offered every fall semester.
ACCN2203 Principles of Managerial Accounting
Accounting systems, concepts, and principles; formation, organization, and operations of corporations and partnerships; departments and branches, statement analysis, cost, and management. Prerequisite: ACCN 2203. Offered every spring semester.
BUAD1103 Introduction to Business
A survey of the field of business administration. How business is owned, organized, managed, and controlled. Offered every fall semester
BUAD2103 Principles of Accounting I
Fundamental accounting relationships; completion of the accounting cycle; accounting process for merchandising enterprises; receivables, payables, and inventories; deferrals, accruals, and intangible assets; and formation. Offered every fall semester.
BUAD2203 Principles of Accounting II
Accounting systems, concepts, and principles; formation, organization, and operations of corporations and partnerships; departments and branches, statement analysis, cost, and management. Prerequisite: BUAD 2103. Offered every spring semester.
BUAD2503 Business and Professional Communications
Principles of effective communication in a business environment. Practice in the preparation of letters, reports, and other forms of business writing. Prerequisites: ENGL 1103 and ENGL 1203. Offered every spring semester.
BUAD3403 Business Finance
Financial principles and functions with applications to business organizations, including investment, dividend decision, and an introduction to the models and tools used for financial analysis. Offered every fall semester.
BUAD4103 Legal Environment of Business
Law and the legal system, social forces that make the law, business response to the social and legal environment; governmental regulation and federal regulatory agencies which impact business decision-making; the study of the legal concepts of torts and contracts. Offered every spring semester.
BUAD4303 Human Resource Administration
Human relations and adjustment in all forms of institutional and business organizations. The course deals with such problems as proper placement of the individual, training, incentive, methods of supervision, discipline, promotion, and retirement. Offered spring semester: odd numbered years.
ECON1103 Introduction to Economics
An introduction to basic economics concepts. It will relate principles such as scarcity, opportunity cost, and markets to current events. This practical non-major course provides tools for economic analysis. (humanities, social/behavioral science, general education elective, elective)
ECON3503 Applied Macroeconomics
This course is an overview of the field of macroeconomics emphasizing how national income, unemployment, inflation, and economics growth are determined. Additional topics reviewed include taxation, the multiplier model, money and banking, and business cycles. The effects of government policy on the economy are also discussed. The course will also include the study of international economics and globalization. Prerequisite ECON 1103
ECON3603 Applied Microeconomics
This course is an examination of basis economic principles with application to current economic situations. Emphasis is on understanding how households and business firms make decisions in the economy. Topics include how prices are determined and how they help solve economic problems of scarcity, the distribution of income and wealth, problems of monopoly power, labor unions and labor problems, environmental and energy concerns, and how other aspects of the economy affect businesses and individuals. Prerequisite ECON 1103.
MGMT2103 Business Software Applications
Introduces the basic features of Microsoft Office, Windows basics and file management. Develops familiarity with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Students demonstrate their ability to use a personal computer for word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation applications through weekly labs and projects.
MGMT2503 Professional Development Review
Professional development guides students through the process of documenting college level learning that took place outside a college setting in order to earn college credit for that learning.
MGMT3213 Applied Business Management
This three-credit-hour course provides an introduction to the principles of management. The emphasis is on understanding organizational theory, human relations, interpersonal communications, production, business ethics, and the development of management thought.
MGMT3313 Principles of Human Resource Administration
This course provides an overview of the human resource management function. It includes the theories, research, and issues related to human resource management within modern organizations. The roles, responsibilities, relationships, functions, and processes of human resource management are discussed from a systems perspective. Expectations of various stakeholders such as government, employees, labor organizations, staff/line management, and executive management are explored.
MGMT4103 Group and Organizational Communications
An introduction to the concepts of effective oral and written communication to include functioning in teams and other organizational settings as well as interpersonal exchanges.
MGMT4233 Principles of Business Law
This course provides a general introduction to the legal environment that affects individuals, businesses, and business transactions. In addition to providing a general introduction to the American legal system, this course will focus on specific legal topics such as contracts and the Uniform Commercial Code.
MGMT4403 Marketing Concepts and Applications
Managers should understand the role of marketing in organizations. Emphasis will be given to the factors that affect consumer behavior, development and evaluation of an organization’s marketing strategies, and fundamental marketing variables.
MGMT4413 Strategic Management
This course introduces the strategic, tactical, operational issues that arise in management of production and service operations; product and process design, facilities planning, quality management, materials management, operations planning and scheduling, emerging technologies in production and service management. This serves as a capstone for the program. Prerequisite MGMT 2103
MGMT4433 Managing Change
An inherent aspect of leadership is managing change. This course will explore the various change theories and available options for designing, implementing and managing change. The students will learn how to develop their own change protocols, lead people through turbulent times including lay-offs due to downsizing and outsourcing, and be a bastion of hope and support exhibiting a Christ-like attitude to one’s employees.
MGMT4503 Financial Analysis for Managers
Finance is the art and science of handling money. In the modern world virtually every organization, public and private, runs on money. That includes families, businesses, governments, and nonprofit enterprises. The study of finance will be broadly divided into two areas: (1 cr.) Investments and financial markets and (2 cr.) the financial management of companies. These are separate but related. A financial system involves flows of money and paper between them.
MKTG3103 Principles of Marketing
An introduction to the marketing of goods and services in advanced market economics; study of the marketing mix, pricing, distributional activities, consumer behavior, and marketing research. Offered fall smester: odd numbered years.

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