Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Administration and Ethics

Score Your Dream Job with a Bachelor of Business Administration

Develop the skills and strengths you need to become an exceptional business leader in today’s highly competitive world.

MACU's Business Administration and Ethics degree equips you for careers in both the public and private sectors. Its blend of traditional theory and modern strategies grounded on biblical truths prepares you to confidently address challenges in the ever-evolving field of business. The degree program enhances your understanding of core business concepts and features specific business dynamics and competencies that are critical to the success of any business or organization.

The Bachelor of Business Administration program emphasizes practical knowledge concerning both technical skills and soft skills. Students will take courses on topics such as accounting, legal environment, software applications and marketing in order to acquire a broad understanding of the general operations of a business. Students will also polish soft skills such as communication and managing change, making them well-rounded candidates for a wide variety of positions in business.

In order to prepare students for the realities of business, courses focus less on lectures and more on simulation, real-life case studies and discussion. The program’s concentration on applicable knowledge allows graduates of the program to step into the business world with work-ready skills and ethics to match.

Why Should You Choose MACU for a Business Administration Degree?

Mid-America Christian University sets itself apart through its commitment to creating individuals who not only excel as professionals but also who excel as individuals of character.

The business administration program reflects this mission of MACU by integrating ethics into every course and evaluating students holistically. The business instructors assess students in a way that goes beyond merely looking at grades, as they take into consideration other factors, such as the strengths and work ethic of a student.

In addition, MACU’s School of Business molds students to excel as professionals by using real-world case studies and concepts offered by an advisory board composed of business leaders from around the region. Students who exit the business program, whether they took classes on-campus or online, will be equipped to confidently make an impact in the world of business.

What You Can Do with a Bachelor's Degree in Business

  • Business Owner
  • Sales Manager
  • Accountant
  • Business Consultant
  • Banker

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