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Everything You Need for Success as an Online Student

At Mid-America Christian University (MACU), we help adults earn accredited, accelerated, affordable online degrees in a faith-based and supportive learning environment. As a provider of online undergraduate and graduate programs since 2008, we’ve built both Christ-centered instruction, as well as everything you need for success as an online student, into each and every program.

No matter how long you’ve been out of school, we know it can be hard to step back into the classroom. That’s why MACU offers a complete array of student services and a well-established orientation program. In both graduate and undergraduate programs, our class sizes are small, our professors are responsive and empathetic, and we strive to make sure each and every student feels like they are part of our community.

Benefits of Choosing MACU for an Online Degree

MACU online programs are designed with busy adult students in mind. With the university’s prior learning credits, eligible students can earn up to 30 credits for a wide range of life experiences, including on-the-job and vocational learning, ministry, volunteering and community service, and travel. These credits help students reduce both their program costs and the time it takes to complete their degree.

MACU is also veteran and military friendly. Any credits military personnel earn while in the service get added to their online program directly, helping them complete an online degree faster than they would at a traditional pace.

Five-Week Undergraduate Classes, Minimal Up-front Fees

Rather than taking multiple classes simultaneously, online undergraduates take just one five-week class at a time in a consecutive order. This helps students focus on one course, one professor, and one set of assignments at a time, which is especially beneficial for busy adults. If something unexpected comes up at work or at home, students can take the time off and easily jump back into school where they left off.

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MACU makes entry into its online degree programs as easy as possible for adults through:

  • Minimal upfront fees and a well-established orientation. MACU offers free placement testing and a thorough financial review before students even start. Plus, the first course in every online degree program (no book purchase required) helps students get comfortable with the online learning process, including MACU’s learning management system. Students have ample time to determine if college is right for them.
  • Small classes and a strong student services team. A low faculty-to-student ratio, tutoring, and other student services means students will receive all the attention and support they need to succeed.
  • Development of community. In every way possible, MACU helps online students feel like they are part of a community, both among their classroom peers and with certain aspects of on-campus life.
  • Growth for the whole person. MACU helps students to mature spiritually and ethically by placing Christian principles at the foundation of each course.

Six-week Graduate Classes, Career Networking Opportunities

At the graduate level, MACU’s online programs offer several key advantages. Similar to undergraduates, master’s level online students take just one course at a time every six weeks in a consecutive order, making it easier for them to manage school along with all their other responsibilities. In addition, graduate students receive:

  • Consistent career networking opportunities
  • A seamless pathway to licensure for those occupations that require it
  • An emphasis on soft skills training, particularly in MACU’s MBA program

If there is enough interest locally, online classes may be held on campus. For on-campus classes with low enrollment, MACU may switch them to an online format.

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