Associate of Arts - General Studies

Broaden Your Mind with an Associate of Arts Degree

A student in the Associate of Arts program takes the crucial step of pursuing higher education, which helps one make personal and professional dreams a reality. The Associate of Arts program allows students to gain knowledge and critical thinking skills beneficial in the workforce before they decide whether or not to invest the time and resources necessary for a bachelor’s degree. As students in the program get acclimated to going back to college or attending college for the first time, they acquire a general knowledge base in liberal arts that provides a foundation for lifetime learning, whether that includes further education or a new career path. 

In the Associate of Arts in General Studies program, general education courses complement each other so that students receive a well-rounded education including knowledge that can be applied and discussed in daily life. In addition to broad-based liberal arts courses, the curriculum includes biblical studies classes, which help shape an individual not only as a student but as an entire person. Upon completion of the Associate of Arts program, individuals will be prepared to demonstrate versatility and a strong work ethic in any area of life, including work, school and family.

Why Choose MACU for an Associate of Arts Degree?

Every student is a story. At Mid-America Christian University, we are dedicated to working with students with various backgrounds, life circumstances and goals so that they can follow their dreams in ways that suit them. To best reach all types of students, we offer courses both on-campus and online so students can shape their schedules according to their needs. Some courses offer the option for students to tune into live video feed of on-ground courses so that they can still experience the atmosphere of a traditional classroom without leaving their living rooms.

We know many of our adult students have learned invaluable knowledge through life experience, so we help students save time and money by rewarding college-level learning with college credit. MACU offers students up to 30 hours of prior learning credit, which could include work experience, military training and testing credit. In addition, the Associate of Arts program boasts support specialists who personally assist students in transferring their credits to bachelor’s programs, enabling those who wish to pursue further education to do so seamlessly. For many individuals, earning an Associate of Arts degree propels generational change, and Mid-America Christian University is committed to walking with students through every step of their stories. 

Associate of Arts - General Studies

Opportunities for Graduates of the Associate of Arts Program

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Technician Assistant
  • Repairer
  • Paralegal
Associate of Arts - General Studies

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Code Course
ENGL2303 World Literature Survey: The Ancient World to the Renaissance
This course is a study of both western and nonwestern literature from antiquity to 1650 with an emphasis on literary analysis, and the relationship between literature, historical setting and cultural milieus. Prerequisite: ENGL 1103 and ENGL 1203. Offered every fall semester.
GEOG2603 Human Geography
This course covers the major organizing concepts of economic and cultural geography. It explores people's geographic behavior in terms of spatial organization on the earth's surface, as well as their development of regional political systems. Offered every fall semester.
MATH1513 College Algebra
This course is a study of the processes of algebra, polynomials, algebraic fractions, graphing linear systems. It is designed for students planning to major in business and natural science programs. Prerequisite: ACT Score of 22 or above or complete MATH 1103 with a grade of “B” or approval of Instructor. Offered every semester
MUSI1113 Appreciation of Music and Fine Arts
Contribution of the arts in the historical past to the present. There is some discussion of methods and procedures involved in the creation of an "art." Offered fall semester: odd numbered years.
PHIL2103 Introduction to Philosophy and Ethics
Students will be challenged to think critically, clearly, correctly, and comprehensively about their basic values and beliefs and to defend a biblically sound Christian worldview through an introduction to selected issues in logic, epistemology, metaphysics, worldviews, and ethics. Prerequisite: Sophomore standing. Offered every fall semester.
PSYC1103 Introduction to Psychology
An Introductory course designed to acquaint the student with a broad view of the field of psychology. It should introduce the student to the major concepts of the field including its history and development. Attention will be given to concepts such as learning, motivation, personality, stress, consciousness, intelligence and reasoning, as well as cognitive, social, moral and psychological development. Offered every semester.
UNIV1121 First Year Evangel
Designed for the first-year student, this course will explore the essential aspects of being a college student at MACU through the lens of a selected pop culture topic. Aspects to be explored include critical thinking, time management, goal setting, MACU's mission and vision, and the unique aspects of being a MACU student and earning a MACU degree. Required for all College or Arts and Science students unless waived by the Academic Dean or his/her designee. Offered every semester.
UNIV1123 Success at MACU
This course will include strategies to succeed in college and in life. The objective of the course is to improve student academic performance by empowering the student to become an active, responsible learner who will prosper in college. Required for all college of adult and graduate studies undergraduate students unless waived by the academic dean or his/her designee.

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