Education Degree Programs: Online and On Campus

Every young person deserves a champion — a teacher who won’t give up on them, and who empowers them to be all they can be. MACU’s online, on-campus, and hybrid education degree programs can prepare you to be that champion, all while giving you the same encouragement as you pursue your own education. 

Educators of all backgrounds choose MACU for its many benefits, including the following: 

Service-Minded Teaching: MACU prepares educators to make a meaningful impact in students’ lives through our commitment to opening minds by sharing knowledge. 

Field Experience: MACU works with students in both our undergraduate and graduate programs to help them access relevant fieldwork, student teaching, and capstone internship opportunities, preparing students to be immediately effective in their careers. 

Certification Pathways: Our programs provide various pathways to state certification, easing the way for both prospective educators seeking licensure as well as experienced teachers in need of additional credits to maintain their certification. We also help educators who are transitioning from an emergency certification issued by the Oklahoma State Department of Education.

Military-Friendly Degrees: MACU offers tailored pathways for military personnel seeking careers as educators, allowing them to leverage their experience and Department of Veterans Affairs benefits.

Explore MACU’s Education Degree Programs

MACU offers education degree programs to suit individuals at different career levels and with different goals. See which program is right for you: 

Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Early Childhood Education program, offered online and on campus, prepares you to guide children through the crucial stages of early development. In this program, you’ll learn to become a role model, advocate, and support system for children from birth to age eight. The program includes on-ground field experience prior to student teaching. 

Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education

The BA in Elementary Education program, offered online and on campus, gives you the skills to help develop the hearts and minds of young children. In this program, you’ll get the educational foundation and instructional strategies you need to begin working as an elementary school educator. The program includes fieldwork and a supervised student teaching course in an accredited elementary school.

Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education

The BA in Secondary Education program, offered on the MACU campus, readies you to guide teens through their critical high school years. In this program, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills required to teach students the subject-specific material they need to know as they make their way toward postsecondary education or career training. The program includes on-ground fieldwork and student teaching experiences. 

Master of Education

If you’re looking to gain certification or build on your existing skills through a master’s degree program, the online Master of Education (MEd) program allows you to pursue one of two options: 

Depending on which track you choose, you’ll cultivate transformational teaching techniques in areas such as curriculum design, assessment best practices, or guidance counseling, all under the supervision of caring faculty who are invested in your personal growth as an educator.

Curriculum and Instruction Certificate and Other Education Program Options

Another way to grow your teaching career is by earning a Curriculum and Instruction Certificate, which prepares you to make a greater impact in your classroom through graduate-level courses such as the following: 

  • Educational Psychology 
  • Language Acquisition, Literacy, and Reading 
  • Classroom Management and Safe Learning Environments 
  • Instructional Strategies and Best Practices 

The Curriculum and Instruction Certificate is part of MACU’s Paraprofessional/Emergency Certified Teachers program. This program, which helps paraprofessionals gain teaching licensure, also offers pathways to certification through Educational Studies concentrations in the Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies programs.

In addition to the above programs offered through the School of Teacher Education, MACU offers a wide range of degree programs in related fields, including a Master of Arts in Leadership with a Higher Education Administration Emphasis.

Why Enroll in an Education Degree Online Program?

Earning your education degree online can serve as a viable path to achieving your goals as an educator. Here’s why you should consider the online learning modality at MACU: 

Flexible Learning: Our accelerated, streamlined, and flexible programs allow students to learn at their own pace, while balancing their jobs, families, and other responsibilities.

Communal Learning Experience: No student at MACU is just a number. We aim to make every online student feel connected to our faculty, staff, and university community through numerous engagement opportunities. 

Same Resources: All online MACU students have access to our student support specialists, expert faculty, and career services department, as well as assistance in lining up fieldwork, student teaching, and capstone internship opportunities.  

What Can You Do With an Education Degree?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment in education, training, and library occupations is projected to grow steadily, with about 857,600 job openings expected to be available each year between 2022 and 2032. 

Additionally, the Oklahoma State School Boards Association has reported critical teacher shortages in recent years, including a gap of more than 1,000 unfilled teaching positions in the state in the 2022-2023 school year.

Bachelor’s in Education Careers

Most graduates with a bachelor’s-level education degree work in the classroom as a teacher. Median annual salaries in 2022 by teaching level, according to the BLS, are as follows: 

Elementary School Teachers: $61,620

Middle School Teachers: $61,810

High School Teachers: $62,360

Additional positions beyond the classroom that are available to those who earn a bachelor’s in education include the following: 

  • Reading specialist 
  • Educational technology specialist 
  • Library media specialist
  • Tutor/private educator

Master of Education Careers

According to Payscale, the median annual salary for individuals who hold an MEd degree is approximately $66,000 per year. 

Teachers who earn their MEd can expect to increase their salary 10% to 25%, according to data from the National Center for Education Statistics. Teachers need to consult with their district for specific figures. 

Some positions available to educators with an MEd include the following: 

  • Middle school or high school teacher 
  • School principal or administrator 
  • Instructional coordinator or curriculum specialist 
  • Educational policy analyst or advisor 
  • Educational consultant 

Why Choose MACU for Your Education Degree Program?

MACU’s School of Teacher Education is accredited through Oklahoma’s Office of Educational Quality and Accountability using Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) standards. Each member of our faculty is a devoted Christian and long-time educator who understands firsthand both the challenges and the rewards of teaching children, adolescents, and young adults. 

Our instructors are dedicated to imparting their knowledge, wisdom, and faith-based perspective to MACU education students at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Here are some more reasons why educators choose MACU: 

Affordable Excellence. MACU offers competitively priced tuition for a private university, making high-quality, values-driven education accessible and affordable for a wide range of students. 

Transfer Friendly. At MACU, we seek to honor every milestone of each student’s academic journey and to accelerate their degree path through our flexible transfer credit policy. We also award credits for prior learning outside of school — including volunteer work, military service, and relevant work experience — so students can earn their degrees faster.

Support at Every Step. From enrollment counselors and student support specialists to expert faculty, there is always someone our students can talk to at every stage of their educational journey.