Trina Arnold

Assistant Professor/Program Director: School of Arts and Sciences

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Phone: 405-703-8259
Email: [email protected]

I hold degrees in Bachelor of Science and a Master of Education with an emphasis in History and a Master of Business to complete a reasonably well-rounded education. I teach American History, American Government, and Success at MACU, both online and on campus. As the Program Director for the Associates of Arts & Adult General Education program, I work hard to make sure our classes stay up to date with engaging curriculum. Classes are every five weeks, so we want students to achieve the optimum learning needs for a global learning experience through each class. In addition, working closely with our highly educated faculty across all spectrums gives us the ability to design classes that meet andragogic and pedagogical standards. 

My research emphasis is historical photography and American history, especially Oklahoma history. I travel throughout Oklahoma to find small towns and the history of the area. I also like to try and recreate photos (if possible) to show the evolution of time and space. Photographing once-forgotten cemeteries also reminds us of the people who journeyed to Oklahoma. The cultural history of Oklahoma is vast and widespread through many cultures, from the original occupants of the Native Americans to many nations worldwide. 

My career at MACU was God’s path for me as He knows my heart and my passion for teaching. MACU’s saying “Dream Bigger and Do Greater” says it all. I tell my students that God has a plan for their life and nothing is a coincidence. They are at Mid-America Christian University because God has a plan, and their journey is only beginning!