Bachelor of Science in Management and Ethics

Change Your Course with a Bachelor of Science in Management and Ethics

Take the next step to get the job in management you want. Our bachelor’s in Management and Ethics program is designed to help students advance in a wide variety of specialized business fields. The program aims to educate students about managing the most important aspect of any business – people.

Through a variety of courses, students will learn the four functions of management: planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Upon completion of the program, individuals will understand how to effectively lead others in a business based on ethics from a Biblical worldview.

In the program, students will learn to lead employees through courses that cover topics such as finance, leadership, managing change, accounting and communication. Though courses are more concentrated on people instead of numbers, students will learn how to use critical thinking skills to interpret data and use it to make decisions that will improve the function of a business.

In order to prepare students for the realities of managing people, our experienced professors utilize relevant case-studies drawn from the experiences of an advisory council composed of business leaders in the region. In addition, each course allows students to learn from one another and their professor through strategic discussion.

Graduates of the program will be equipped to step into positions of management in a variety of businesses with a thorough understanding of how to manage people with ethics and efficiency in mind.

Why MACU is Your Choice for a Bachelor’s Degree in Management and Ethics

In the Management and Ethics program, our instructors do not stop at teaching students how to treat people – they show students how to treat people, whether on-campus or online. Our instructors are not only experienced in the field in which they are teaching, but they are also dedicated to shaping each student as an individual of competence and character.

In order to help students develop holistically, the courses in the Management and Ethics program incorporate GiANT leadership concepts, helping students understand their own communication styles so they can be effective leaders in their fields of business. The program’s focus on cultivating individuals with the character of Christ, in combination with its concentration on giving students a realistic understanding of leadership, makes graduates of Mid-America’s B.S. in Management and Ethics program stand out among the rest.

Online Degree in Management & Ethics

Jobs for Graduates of the Management and Ethics Degree Program

  • General Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Account Manager
Degree in Management & Ethics

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