Bachelor of Business Administration, Healthcare Management & Ethics

Healthcare Management Career Opportunities

  • Healthcare Administrator
  • Records and Information Technician
  • Healthcare Supervisor
  • Medical Office Manager
  • Nursing Home Facilitator
  • Clinical Director
  • Physician Practice Manager
  • Manager of Public Health Information
  • Corporate Health Coordinator
  • Hospital Administrator
  • Medical Staff Director
  • Ambulatory Care Director
  • Patient Advocate

Get a Healthcare Administration Degree Online. Be Positioned for A Career in the Business Side of Healthcare.

Healthcare needs more than doctors, nurses, and others who provide direct patient care–it also needs management professionals who help ensure the availability of resources and tools that allow clinicians to care for patients. When you earn an online Bachelor of Business Administration in Healthcare Management and Ethics degree from Mid-America Christian University (MACU) in Oklahoma City, Okla., you’ll be prepared to use an ethical approach to impact the operations of hospitals and other healthcare facilities. You’ll also be positioned for a variety of rewarding and secure positions in the healthcare industry. The employment of medical and health services managers is projected to grow 32 percent from 2020 to 2030, much faster than the average for all occupations.

MACU is accredited through the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA). We provide a Christ-centered education so you’ll stand out with a bachelor’s in healthcare administration degree that is grounded in faith and biblical principles.  

our online bachelor’s in Healthcare management curriculum: Faith-Based & Cutting Edge

Our state-of-the-art curriculum provides an understanding of the principles and application of management in the day-to-day administration of healthcare organizations, including hospitals, group medical practices, nursing homes, and other medical facilities. The program prepares students for entry-level positions in the healthcare management industry through coursework created with competencies in mind. In addition to focusing on applicable knowledge, the online healthcare administration degree also emphasizes the importance of ethics in healthcare management.

You’ll study specialized topics pertaining to healthcare administration, such as HR management and development, legal and regulatory issues, finance, information management, technology, and operations management. Because the world of healthcare is constantly changing and improving, the course material is consistently updated to stay current with trends in healthcare management. 

Program Information

BBA in Healthcare Management Online Caters to Adults Who Need Learning Flexibility

An a provider of online learning since 2008, MACU understands that adult learners are looking for an affordable, accelerated, flexible program that offers plenty of support. MACU  professors are enthusiastic about teaching online classes and do their best to help you network, develop relationships with your classmates, and make you feel like a part of the MACU community. We have a small teacher-to-student ratio so you’ll get to know your professors–you won’t feel like a number. Although the healthcare management degree is offered completely online, select courses may be offered on campus depending on student interest and faculty availability. 

We’re here to help you on your quest for higher education, whether you’re starting college for the first time, advancing your career or making a mid-career change. You’ll appreciate the flexibility of studying when and where you want, especially if you’re currently working or have family commitments. We also help you finish your degree as quickly as possible and offer financial aid and other incentives to keep costs down. 

Here are some of the benefits MACU offers online students: 

  • Up to 30 credits for life experiences (ministry, on-the-job learning, volunteering, etc.)
  • Veteran and active military personnel are eligible for credits earned in the service
  • Minimal up-front fees, free placement testing
  • Well-established orientation program
  • One course at a time, in consecutive order
  • Consistent career networking opportunities
  • Seamless pathway to licensure (if applicable)
  • Complete array of student support services to help you succeed and thrive

As you prepare to begin your degree at MACU, our enrollment counselors are ready to assist you. Please take a look at this downloadable degree sheet, featuring an overview of MACU’s Healthcare Management and Ethics degree program. Don’t hesitate to reach out by emailing [email protected] or calling 888-888-2341 if you have any questions.

MACU Helps Online Students Grow in Faith

We believe that developing servant leaders is just as important as preparing industry leaders. Christian values and biblical principles are a part of every degree program at MACU, whether online or on campus. We offer students opportunities to grow spiritually in their personal lives as well as in their professions. MACU graduates stand out as people of integrity, who are guided by the wisdom of God’s Word.

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Major Courses

BUAD 3403 

Business Finance 

Financial principles and functions with applications to business organizations, including investment, dividend decision, and an introduction to the models and tools used for financial analysis. Offered every fall semester

HC 3203 

Introduction to Healthcare Management 

A study of the five parts of managing healthcare organizations—planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling/evaluating—with the study of principles for application to both not-for-profit and for-profit organizations.

HC 3213 

Fundamentals of Medical Practice Management  

This course will introduce students to the terminology, current issues, and changing role of management in the medical practice. Consideration will be given to the legal, ethical, regulatory, technological, practical, and inter-relational aspects of healthcare business management, so that the student may gain a better understanding of the language, planning, and analysis skills necessary to successful organization and administration of the medical practice.

HC 3313

Healthcare Human Resource Management 

This course reviews the management of human resources, with particular focus on healthcare services environments. It is designed to provide an understanding of the key concepts, principles and practices of Human Resource Management. Topics include recruitment, selection and retention practices, performance evaluation, employee evaluation, employee training and development, compensation and benefit issues, promotion, job design and analysis, legal issues affecting the healthcare workplace, management/labor relations and workplace safety within contemporary healthcare service organizations. Trends in human resource management in healthcare are also addressed.

HC 3503

Legal Aspects of Healthcare Management  

This course is structured to present an overview of the general legal rules and concepts governing numerous aspects of the healthcare industry. The main focus of this course will be on the law as it relates to the delivery of healthcare in hospitals, nursing homes, medical offices and other medical care environments. The course will analyze the concepts associated with modern tort law as it applies to healthcare and will also review other areas of law that impact healthcare including contracts, criminal law, employment law, and other laws governing business organizations.

HC 4103 

Healthcare Economics  

Course provides an overview of healthcare markets. Topics reviewed include supply and demand of medical care, economic tools for healthcare institutions, the impact of government on the healthcare market, industry market studies, and healthcare reform.

HC 4203

Healthcare Operations Management  

Course focuses on the organizational structure of the healthcare delivery system and administrative processes including productivity and quality improvement, planning, problem solving, decision making, marketing, human resources management, and counseling.

HC 4303

Healthcare Information Systems  

An examination of the application of computer and communication technologies for analyzing, forecasting, planning, and healthcare management functions.

MGMT 3213 

Applied Business Management  

This three-credit hour course introduces the principles of management. The emphasis is on understanding organizational theory, human relations, interpersonal communications, production, business ethics, and the development of management thought.

MGMT 4303  

Accounting for Managers  

The acquisition, analysis, and reporting of financial information are important to the individual manager and the organization. Special attention will be given to the planning and control responsibilities of practicing managers. Individuals should gain confidence in their ability to interpret and use financial information for effective decision-making.