Master of Arts in Leadership – Business Management Emphasis

Lead in the Business World with a Master’s Degree in Business Management

Managing a business isn’t easy – it takes expertise in organization, finance, communication and leadership. Our Master of Arts in Leadership with an emphasis in Business Management cultivates business leaders by addressing each of these subjects through engaging course material and peer discussions.

The degree program is ideal for both individuals with a background in business and individuals who are new to the business sphere. A master’s in business management prepares one to manage both finances and people in business using leadership strategies rooted in ethics.

Students in the program will gain a foundation in basic leadership principles through courses that explore topics such as project management, organizational culture, development and leading change. In addition, students will study topics specifically relating to business management, such as economic theory, legal environment, managerial accounting and managing a business from a Christian perspective.

This integration of disciplines shapes professionals into business leaders who are effective in creating healthy cultures in their businesses and in carrying out the day-to-day operations necessary for a company to succeed.

Since every course presents students with practical knowledge, students will graduate the program with work-ready skills that enable them to positively transform businesses. 

Why Choose MACU for a Master of Arts in Leadership with a Business Management Emphasis?

At Mid-America Christian University, we aim to send out graduates who are prepared to make an impact in the world by instilling in students applicable knowledge and Christ-like character.

Our master’s in business management program reflects this goal, as every instructor is experienced in the subject he or she is teaching and is committed to teaching students concepts and skills proven successful in managing a business. Also, every course includes an ethical component, so students are equipped to address every area of business management with the virtues of Christ in mind.

Our six-week courses, whether taken on-campus or online, are designed to work around the schedules of working adults, making it possible for students to earn a master’s degree without sacrificing excellence in work and family commitments.

Master's in Leadership, Business Management - Oklahoma

What You Can Do with a Master’s in Business Management

  • Project Manager
  • Management Analyst
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Data Analyst
  • Chief Executive Officer
Master's in Leadership, Business Management - Oklahoma

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