Master of Arts in Leadership – Ministry Leadership

Enhance Your Influence with a Master’s Degree in Ministry Leadership

Every minister is a leader who has the opportunity to help God transform lives. MACU’s Master of Arts in Leadership with an emphasis in Ministry Leadership program is ideal for anyone who ministers, whether vocationally or as a layperson.

Students in the program gain an in-depth understanding of theoretical leadership foundations and applicable knowledge, enabling them to minister to others with insight and sound wisdom. No matter their backgrounds or experience in leadership, students exit the program as more effective leaders and impactful disciples of Christ.

The M.A. in Leadership with a Ministry Leadership concentration program includes general leadership courses that focus on topics such as organizational culture, leading change and leadership theory so that students have a solid foundation of leadership principles on which they can build their ministry practices.

With the Ministry Leadership concentration, students take courses that explore topics such as teaching the Bible, spiritual formation and Wesleyan-Arminian theology, enriching their spiritual lives and guiding them in helping others do the same.

This combination of courses empowers students to lead with Bible-based ethics and minister with thoughtful leadership.

Why Study Ministry Leadership at Mid-America Christian University?

At Mid-America Christian University, we understand that earning a graduate degree as a busy adult requires a program with flexibility. Our six-week classes, whether on-campus or online, are crafted to work around the demanding schedule of hardworking adults who are dedicated to advancing in their careers and ministries.

In the Ministry Leadership program, professors with extensive experience in leadership and ministry are committed to walking alongside students as they become better communicators and spiritual guides.

MACU’s experience in adult education and our professors who truly care make it your ideal choice for a master’s degree in ministry leadership.

Master's in Ministry Leadership

What You Can Do with a Master's in Ministry Leadership

  • Pastor
  • Associate Pastor
  • Nonprofit Director
  • Youth Minister
  • Missions Director
Master's in Ministry Leadership

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Code Course
BIOT5133 Selective Genres of Old and New Testaments
Students continue to enhance their inductive methodology application to scripture through select portions of poetic and historical literature from the Old Testament and from the New Testament Gospels and Pauline letters.
MGMT5113 Organizational Behavior
This course introduces the theories of behavior in human management. A critical analysis is performed on the contributions to the organizational behavior discipline and its research as applied to the business environment. The student will apply the theories of its research as applied to the business environment. The student will apply the theories of culture development, time management, job design, change, motivation, leadership development, communication, small group dynamics, and negotiation in the business setting.
MGMT5353 Communication in Professional Organizations
This course is designed to groom the aspiring business professional leader to deliver professional, concise, powerful, and audience appropriate communication by utilizing the most acceptable tools, modes and media available. This will also sensitize the professional to appropriate communication etiquette and protocols to help ensure the credibility and effectiveness of the intended message.
ML5143 Leadership Theory and Practice
This course explores the history and development of leadership theory as well as the role of leadership in the students’ current organizational settings. Although leadership and management are not the same, they are often confused. The unique features of each are studied along with practical application of case studies of current leaders as well as from history. Managers develop subordinates, leaders develop followers, and the most highly successful leaders develop leaders. Students will evaluate their own leadership style using the Leadership Practices Inventory developed by Kouzes and Posner. Students will gain hands-on experience by analyzing their performance in a current or new leadership role.
ML5163 Training and Development
This course addresses the core aspects of instructional systems design as applied to workforce learning and performance. Learners apply key principles involved in assessing, designing, developing, implementing, and evaluating employee development and performance improvement programs. Learners gain hands-on experience by creating an active training event.
ML5243 Leading Change
Leaders often attempt changes that they believe are critical to the survival of the organization only to find those changes are resisted by the very people the leader is attempting to help. People's response to change depends on the degreeto which they understand the need for change, are involved in teh change process, and understand the implications the change has for their roles. This class explores the processes necessary to identify the need for change using appropriate models, plan the process of change, obtain authorization for the change and motivate the appropriate stakeholders to ensure success.
ML6023 Integrative Leadership Project
This course serves as a capstone for the MA Leadership program. Students will complete an application project related to their emphasis and field of interest.
PMIN5203 Self-Assessment and Development
This course explores the first step in becoming an effective minister: self-understanding. Students analyze their preferred ways of interacting with others along the four continuums described by Myers and Briggs, clarify their relational voice, identify their spiritual gifts, and articulate their desired master role in ministry. The assets of personal characteristics, experiences, passions, relationships and expertise inform the self-assessment and development process.
PMIN5903 How to Teach The Bible
A Bible study skill course whish examines and applies appropriate methods and materials for teaching the Bible. A book will be chosen and exegetical and eisegetical techniques will be used for laying out a teaching and leading small group Bible studies, prayer meetings, and special training sessions.
THEO5213 Wesleyan-Arminian Theology
The first half of this course will address the background and development of Arminian theology. It will demonstrate that classical Arminian theology has a rightful place in the Evangelical church in its relation to Reformed theology, and sustains important differences from Calvanism. The second half of this course will address the theology of John Wesley, focusing on God as "holy love" as a central theme and giving particular attention to the doctrine of Christian Perfection.
THEO5233 Spiritual Formation From a Wesleyan Perspective
This course will challenge students to explore and apply theological principles of Wesley’s Means of Grace as building blocks that empower and energize one to live and lead with spiritually-formed Christ-like character.

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