Financial Core Accounting Certificate

Advance Your Career with a Financial Core Accounting Certificate

This certificate program will prepare students for employment at an entry-level accounting position or for greater accounting responsibilities at work, prepare them for a more advanced degree in accounting, and satisfy the prerequisite course requirements for students wishing to enter the Master of Business Administration, CPA Accounting Emphasis degree without an undergraduate Accounting degree.

No prior degree is needed to pursue the Financial Core Accounting Certificate program.

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Code Course
ACCN2103 Principles of Financial Accounting
Fundamental accounting relationships; completion of the accounting cycle; accounting process for merchandising enterprises; receivables, payables, and inventories; deferrals, accruals, and intangible assets; and formation. Offered every fall semester.
ACCN2203 Principles of Managerial Accounting
Accounting systems, concepts, and principles; formation, organization, and operations of corporations and partnerships; departments and branches, statement analysis, cost, and management. Prerequisite: ACCN 2203. Offered every spring semester.
ACCN3903 Intermediate Accounting I
This course will focus on valuation and other theoretical problems in accounting for cash, temporary investments, receivables, inventories, long-term investments, plant and equipment, and intangible assets. Prerequisites: BUAD 2203 Offered every Fall semester.
ACCN3913 Intermediate Accounting II
This course will focus on the study of stockholders' equity, dilutive securities, investments, issues related to income determination including revenue recognition, accounting for income taxes, pensions, leases and error analysis, preparation and analysis of financial statements, including price level changes and statement of changes in financial position. Prerequisite: ACCN 3903. Offered every Spring semester.
ACCN3933 Income Tax Accounting I
This course will examine Federal income taxation and individual, corporate, and partnership income tax laws and regulations. Emphasis will be on developing a broad perspective on structure, administration, rationale of federal income tax system. Prerequisite: ACCN 3913. Offered every Fall, even numbered years.
ACCN4443 Advanced Financial Accounting
This course is designed to impart a detailed understanding of alternative accounting principles and practices and their effects on balance sheet valuation and income statements, including critical evaluation of these alternatives. Subjects covered include: foreign currency transactions, partnership accounting and accounting for non-profit organizations and governmental entities. Prerequisite: ACCN 3913. Offered every Fall, odd numbered years.
ACCN4633 Auditing
This course will study the general framework underlying auditing, role of audit standards in planning and conduct of audits, effect of regulation, ethics, liability, and audit practices. Prerequisite: ACCN 3953. Offered every Fall, odd numbered years.

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