Management and Ethics

Prepare for Success in the Marketplace with a Management and Ethics Degree

Designed to develop students’ knowledge, analytical and communication skills, the B.S. in Management and Ethics program prepares graduates to lead employees in a variety of organizations so they may address future challenges, as well as interpret and convey financial information. MACU's unique Management and Ethics degree program introduces students to methods and strategies that will add real value to businesses by reducing risk and promoting ethical business practices that are rooted in Christian values. 

What Will You Learn in Our Management and Ethics Degree Program?

MACU's Management and Ethics degree equips students to lead in business careers in various industries and organizations in both public and private sectors. You'll learn how to successfully manage your firm's relationships with regulating bodies, communities and other external stakeholders and will graduate ready to pursue career roles in areas of compliance, business ethics, risk management, auditing and more. 

Why Choose MACU?

Mid-America Chrsitian University prepares students for their future career goals by offering a affordable, accredited degree programs that are built on real-world knowledge, timeless principles and Christian values. Our thriving and growing campus life means your college experience will be a normal one, whether you plan to live on campus or join us as a commuter student. Our low student-professor ratio allows for a truly personalized experience that you can't get anywhere. As you expand your knowledge base and prepare yourself for your future career, you will grow along your peers inside and outside of the classroom through campus events, weekly chapel services, devotionals, clubs and more opportunities. 

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Code Course
BUAD3403 Business Finance
Financial principles and functions with applications to business organizations, including investment, dividend decision, and an introduction to the models and tools used for financial analysis. Offered every fall semester.
BUAD4303 Human Resource Administration
Human relations and adjustment in all forms of institutional and business organizations. The course deals with such problems as proper placement of the individual, training, incentive, methods of supervision, discipline, promotion, and retirement. Offered spring semester: odd numbered years.
MGMT3213 Applied Business Management
This three-credit-hour course provides an introduction to the principles of management. The emphasis is on understanding organizational theory, human relations, interpersonal communications, production, business ethics, and the development of management thought.
MGMT4103 Group and Organizational Communications
An introduction to the concepts of effective oral and written communication to include functioning in teams and other organizational settings as well as interpersonal exchanges.
MGMT4203 Managing People: Groups and Leadership
Groups are the building blocks of organizations. Nearly everyone participates in both formal and informal groups at work. It is essential that managers understand groups because group processes directly affect creativity, problem solving, decision-making and productivity. This module provides insight into group formation and process, their power and influence in organizations and varying styles of leadership.
MGMT4303 Accounting for Managers
The acquisition, analysis, and reporting of financial information are important to the individual manager and the organization. Special attention will be given to the planning and control responsibilities of practicing managers. Individuals should gain confidence in their ability to interpret and use financial information for effective decision-making.
MGMT4433 Managing Change
An inherent aspect of leadership is managing change. This course will explore the various change theories and available options for designing, implementing and managing change. The students will learn how to develop their own change protocols, lead people through turbulent times including lay-offs due to downsizing and outsourcing, and be a bastion of hope and support exhibiting a Christ-like attitude to one’s employees.
MGMT4523 Case Studies in Management Ethics
Reading, discussion and development of papers pertaining to relevant case studies involving personal and organizational ethical issues and problems to actual situations.
MGMT4703 Entrepreneurship
This course will explore the options available and means by which an entrepreneurial venture may be created and will help to develop an understanding of all functional areas of a small business as they relate to managing operations. Emphasis will be placed on the importance of the business plan and how to develop one.
MKTG3103 Principles of Marketing
An introduction to the marketing of goods and services in advanced market economics; study of the marketing mix, pricing, distributional activities, consumer behavior, and marketing research. Offered fall smester: odd numbered years.

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