Merge Technology and Management with a MIS Degree

Management and Ethics – MIS Emphasis

If you want to make an impact on the business world while utilizing a unique blend of computer science and corporate management knowledge, pursuing a degree in Management Information Systems (MIS) could be right for you. In MACU's unique degree program, you will learn how to collect, process, store and give out data in the form of information needed to carry out the functions of a company's management team. This involves analyzing computer-stored data as it relates to employees, business documents, technologies and procedures. You will then use that data to aid businesses with their decision-making processes. 

What Will You Learn in Our Management Information Systems Degree

When you select a concentration in Management and Information Systems for your Management and Ethics degree program, you will learn additional concepts such as networking, cybersecurity, database management and coding language such as Visual Basic. You will learn how to create competitive advantages using information system-based business opportunities, how to create and collaborate with your team members and how to effectively lead in a variety of situations. 

Why Choose MACU?

Mid-America Chrsitian University prepares students for their future career goals by offering a affordable, accredited degree programs that are built on real-world knowledge, timeless principles and Christian values.

Our thriving and growing campus life means your college experience will be a normal one, whether you plan to live on campus or join us as a commuter student. Our low student-professor ratio allows for a truly personalized experience that you can't get anywhere. As you expand your knowledge base and prepare yourself for your future career, you will grow along your peers inside and outside of the classroom through campus events, weekly chapel services, devotionals, clubs and more opportunities.

Course List

BUAD 3403 Business Finance
BUAD 4303 Human Resource Administration
MGMT 3213 Applied Business Management
MGMT 4103 Group and Organizational Communication
MGMT 4203 Managing People: Groups and Leadership
MGMT 4303 Accounting for Managers
MGMT 4433 Managing Change
MGMT 4523 Case Studies in Management Ethics
MGMT 4703 Entrepreneurship
MKTG 3103 Principles of Marketing

Management Information Systems Concentration
CMSC 1203 Foundations of Programming
MISE 3203 Networking/Architecture/Cybersecurity
MISE 3603 IT Management
MISE 4403 Project Planning and Implementation
MISE 4643 Database Management
MISE 4663 Business Intelligence/Data Analytics

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