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Military Benefit Process Block

Benefit Process

This five-step model briefly explains the process required for each MACU Student to receive his/her Veterans Educational Benefits.

Military Benefit Process Block

Benefits Process Steps Explained

  1. Registration/Documentation:

    The student will register for courses. The student will provide the necessary documentation for initiation of veterans educational benefits to the MACU Student Veteran Specialist.

  2. Course Load Notification:

    When the student changes his/her course load by adding or dropping a course(s) the student will notify the MACU Student Veteran Specialist of the course load change.

  3. Course Certification:

    Once the MACU Student Veteran Specialist receives the student’s notification, he will input course load changes to the student’s VA file and certify the changes.

  1. Benefits Start/Stop:

    Once a course load change is certified, the VA will either start benefits for courses added or stop benefits for courses that are dropped.

  2. Student Notification:

    The VA will notify the student about changes made to his/her VA file via a confirmation email. The VA will also send a letter to the student at the beginning of every enrollment period notifying the student on remaining educational benefits.

Admissions Military Veb 01

For students receiving Veterans Educational Benefits:

Documents needed from the student:

Certificate of Eligibility (COE) (one time)

Every student receiving Veterans Educational Benefits will supply this document which varies depending on what benefit the student gets. Students receive their COE from the VA unless the student is a Ch31 Vocational Rehabilitation beneficiary, then the student’s VA Counselor will supply a VA Form 28-1905.

Admissions Military Veb 01

Benefits Transfer (one time)

If the MACU student received VA Educational Benefits while attending another school, the student will turn in a copy of VA Form 22-1995; unless the student is a Ch35 Dependent’s Educational Assistance beneficiary, who will turn in a copy of VA Form 22-5495.

DD214/Orders (one time)

All veterans should turn in their member 4 copy of their DD214. If the student is currently serving in the Armed Forces, they should provide a copy of their current orders.

MACU VA Student Responsibility Agreement (SRA) (every semester)

Every MACU student receiving veterans educational benefits will fill out, update, and provide a copy of the SRA in the beginning of the fall and spring semesters (twice per year) along with their VA Educational update. Download the SRA

VA Educational Benefits Update (every semester)

Every educational beneficiary receives an update on their benefits from the VA twice per year. A copy of this update will be turned in with an updated SRA.

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MACU SVS is Here to Help

The MACU Student Veteran Specialist (SVS) will ensure students get the VA Educational Benefits they deserve.

When a problem, question, or concern about a beneficiary is brought to the SVS's attention, SVS will ensure benefits are secured with other MACU offices and officials.  Likewise, the SVS will communicate with Veterans Benefits Administration officials to ensure beneficiaries are properly awarded.

Note: The MACU SVS is not a VA Representative.

Admissions Military Lahonda Toussaint

Your SVS

LaHonda Toussaint

Student Veteran Specialist

(405) 692-3147

[email protected]

Student Veteran Specialist

The MACU SVS will help those seeking military educational benefits in the following four ways.

- 01 -

Certifying Courses

SVS tells the VA what MACU courses each beneficiary is in, what the dates of those courses are, if the course is taken in-class or online, and how much the course costs.

*This is the information the VA uses to determine how much benefit the student will receive.

- 02 -

VA-Related Documents and Files

SVS gathers, updates, and manages each beneficiary’s VA files.

This includes providing parent letters to other schools a beneficiary may attend for supplemental courses as well as establishing whether a student should receive the MACU Military Service tuition discount.

- 03 -

Beneficiary Advocate

When a problem, question, or concern about a beneficiary is brought to the SVS's attention, SVS will ensure benefits are secured with other MACU offices and officials.

Likewise, the SVS will communicate with Veterans Benefits Administration officials to ensure beneficiaries are properly awarded.

- 04 -

Answer Student Questions

The MACU Student Veteran Specialist does not have access to the VA information that a VA Representative has

Admissions Military Veb 03

01 Educational Benefits

Main website or all information concerning veterans educational benefits.

  1. eBenefits

    All veterans have access to this site and should maintain an updated profile to enter the site since virtually all VA-related files can be accessed the student’s eBenefits portal.

  2. COE Application

    This is the site a student should go to if he/she needs to receive a Certificate of Eligibility for educational benefits. A copy of the student’s COE must be on file with the MACU Veteran Specialist before any coursework is certified.

  3. GI Bill Comparison Tool

    This site will provide the amount of educational benefits each veteran will receive based on a selected school.

  4. WAVE

    This website is for Ch30, Ch1606, or Ch1607 beneficiaries to verify enrollment on a monthly basis as well as access their records and benefits.

  5. VA Educational Counselor Phone

    1-888-GIBILL-1 (442-4551)

    Any student receiving Veterans Educational Benefits can call this number at any time to speak to an educational counselor about his/her benefits. If a student does not have internet access, he/she can use this number to have forms and applications mailed to a private address.

  6. Direct Deposit Via Phone


    To change or start direct deposit, beneficiaries should call this number.

  1. Student Responsibilities:

    1. Documents – All MACU students getting Veterans Educational Benefits will provide required documents prior to benefit certification. See "Documents needed from the student section."
    2. SRA and Benefit Update – Every MACU student getting VA Educational Benefits will provide the Student Veteran Specialist with: 1. a copy of their Benefits update (provided by the VA), and 2. an updated copy of their Student Responsibility Agreement. These documents will be turned in prior to the start of the fall and spring semesters; thus, the student will turn in two documents, twice per academic year.
      Download the SRA
    3. Adding/Dropping Courses – Notify the MACU Student Veteran Specialist via email, phone, or in-person whenever a student beneficiary adds or drops a course(s). Failure to notify may result in the student not getting VA benefits in a timely manner or owing the VA for benefits paid on a withdrawn-from course.
    4. Certification Confirmation – Each student will get a confirmation email from VA whenever the MACU Veteran Specialist updates the student’s VA Educational file. The confirmation email will go to the email address listed on VA’s file, so the student should ensure MACU has the correct personal email account. This email lets the student know what MACU is telling the VA in regards to the student’s educational benefits.
    5. Parent Letter – for beneficiaries in need of a parent letter (a memorandum authorizing a non-parent school to receive VA payment for coursework taken by a MACU student), the student needs to provide the following: (1) Course name and course code (2) Dates that course will be taken (3) School name (4) School’s VA Certifying Official (SCO) contact information.
    6. Chapter 31 Beneficiaries – Vocational Rehabilitation students will supply the Student Veteran Specialist with an updated copy of their VA Form 28-1905 which lists the student’s VA Counselor contact information. The student will also need to keep open communication with their Counselor in order to ensure all required benefits are getting paid for appropriately.

Admissions Military Tution Assistance

For students receiving Tuition Assistance:

  • MACU students receiving Tuition Assistance (TA) are currently on military orders, serving on an Active Duty, Reserve, or National Guard status. A copy of those orders will be sent to the MACU Student Veteran Specialist.
  • MACU is a non-LOI school, therefore it is up to the student to supply all requested information pertaining to application for and maintenance of their TA. A student’s TA authorizing form must be on hand prior to any courses being paid using TA funds.

MACU SVS's Tuition Assistance Responsibilities

  1. Entering Grades – Student grades are entered within 30 days of the student completing a course. The Student Veteran Specialist is the individual responsible for this.
  2. Paying TA accounts – TA payments are made on a quarterly basis in conjunction with received funds from the service’s Education Department Headquarters. TA payments are made by the MACU Business Office.