Eternal Investment: Dolores Clements

Inspirational. Comforter. Generous. Influential.

These are all words used to describe Dolores Clements and her legacy. Clements was born and raised in Oklahoma. She grew up attending Church of God churches and building her roots here. But, soon after her high school graduation, she decided to move to California where she would spend the rest of her life.

Once living in California, she worked as a grocery store clerk and, per usual, gave her all to the job. She received many awards for her work at the grocery store. Her drive shined through her job but also at her church. She served on boards at her church in California and made it her mission to make sure every single person felt like they were at home when they walked in the doors.

“Dolores was always a church-going woman,” said her niece, Dee Grimm. “Church was her thing and that was her family”. Her church truly was her family. Clements was comforting and generous with every single member of the congregation. She even bought her pastor’s son a trumpet so he would be able to make music gleefully.

Clements had a gift of making every person feel special. This is why on every single birthday of anyone she knew, they would get a handwritten birthday card from her. If you were lucky, the special day would also include a phone call of her singing to you. When cleaning out her house, one of her family friends found a huge binder that was full of every person’s addresses and birthdays, so she would never miss a single one. She spent her life selflessly loving and caring for others. This was even shown in simple things. She loved photography and capturing other people’s special moments.

Especially dear to Clements’ heart was the mission of seeing students called to ministry able to enter the field debt-free. A friend and member of her church congregation, Richard Freyman, said Clements’ “main goal was to have money going to students interested in going into ministry and helping them with financial aid.”

Her goal has come to fruition in the form of the Richard and Dolores Clements School of Ministry Scholarship. This scholarship has been established to help students who are being called by God into the field of ministry. Clements’ spent her life giving back to others, and this scholarship leaves a legacy that will continue to impact students for years to come.

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