Eternal Investment: Jeannette Clift George

By Anna-Kate Weichel

From author to playwright to Golden Globe-nominated actress to business woman, Jeannette Clift George believed that the world was her stage. Yet, at the end of the
day, her most important act in life was to honor God.

Clift George was born ready for the stage. She grew up waiting for her chance to be on Broadway. Throughout her college years, she embraced her love for the arts
through her commitment to the University of Texas at Austin’s theater program.

Upon graduation, she began working hard to become an author, radio host and even toured with the New York Shakespeare Company. She is best known for playing
Corrie ten Boom in the film “The Hiding Place”, for which she was nominated for an Academy Award as Best Actress. Clift George broke down barriers for women
in arts during her career, blazing a trail for a myriad of actresses to follow.

“She was busy. She was always on the go,” recalled her cousin, Bob Clift. “There are no words to describe her spark and personality. She was a very warm, engaging,
sharing kind of person.”

But no matter how busy and talented she was, she never forgot about who got her there, our God. In the short hours she had left over from all of her work, she took time to teach a Bible study four times a week. In 1967, she founded The A.D. Players, a Christian-based theater company out of Houston. She invested many hours to get the theater going, but also gave private lessons to many of the students who were young performers as she once was. In that way, she was able to give back to her community and honor God for fifty years.

Today, her legacy is able to live on through the gifts she left behind. After Clift George passed away Bob and Janet Clift contacted Steve Seaton to discuss how Jeannette’s dedication to God could best be continued. Knowing that her faith and support of young people were the most important things in her life, they chose to honor her by establishing a unique type of scholarship in her name, to provide emergency financial support for MACU students.

“The fact that the funds would be used to help students find themselves, enrich their lives and put them in a position where they can witness Christ, I think she would be very pleased,” said Bob Clift.

The Jeannette Clift George Scholarship benefits students as a “gap” scholarship. These funds are designated for students who may be short on the amount of money needed to pay off their bills and enroll for the next semester. Because of the eternal investment Bob Clift made in his dear cousin’s name, many students are able to continue their education at MACU when they may otherwise be unable.

MACU is forever grateful to donors like Jeannette Clift George and Bob Clift who invest in our students through financial means. If you are interested in making your own eternal investment in MACU, please call University Advancement at 405-692-3191 or visit