How To: Have Healthy Relationships With…

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, love is in the air. These relationships can come in many different forms and it is important to keep them healthy, especially amidst a pandemic. When attending college, many types of new relationships form. Whether you’re building a relationship with a significant other, a friend, and your professors; trying to deepen your relationship with God; or staying in touch with loved ones back home, this guide will help you maintain and thrive in your relationships with others. 


Whether you are going through a difficult time because of studying for a test or something way bigger, it is important to remember that God is always on your side. During troubles and triumph, God is who you want to stay in constant communication with. He will help you get through the bad and celebrate the good. 

Having a healthy relationship with God looks different to a lot of people. Some general ideas to help have a healthy relationship with Him are reading His Word in The Bible, going to chapel, speaking with Him through prayer and having Bible study. Bible studies are a great way to combine a lot of aspects of this while also surrounding yourself with like-minded people who want to worship him as well.


Going to college adds a lot of change to you and your family’s lives. Most likely, you do not see them as much and while you enjoy the freedom, you realize how much you still need them. My biggest advice is to call them. Reach out virtually as least once a week. Your parents miss you more than they are willing to admit and it would mean the world to your grandparents to see a call from you pop up on their phone. If you set aside different days of the week to call different family members, you can create a schedule and begin forming a habit that will keep the great relationships alive and healthy!


Part of the fun of coming to college is making new friends! Yet, it can be hard to stay in touch with friends from home at the same time. To keep healthy relationships with both types, you should maintain a balance. When you are at college with your newer friends, focus on being in the moment and making memories. Also, make time to communicate with your friends from home. Whether this is sending them a quick text, snail mail, or having a snap streak, being able to continue talking keeps the relationship healthy.

Significant Others

Another great thing about college is how many more people you meet! Some people end up finding their perfect match to date. If this is you, then this bullet point is just for you! Dating in college can be difficult at times. With class, athletics, chapel, student life events, and overall busy schedules, it can be hard to make time for each other. It is very important to spend time with each other, but have balance with seeing other friends as well. A great way to incorporate both is going on a double date to the movies or going to a baseball game as a friend group. 

(Remember: don’t stress too much about this one… it will all work out!)


The transition of having teachers in high school to professors in college can seem daunting. But, you have to remember that these professors want to see you do your best and succeed. When they offer office hours, they would rather students come talk to them and be honest. I know it can seem intimidating to sit with your professor one-on-one, but it will pay off! Creating those relationships with your professors is important, because it can make your course experience better and they give great advice.