Care and Support Ministry Certificate

The Care and Support Ministry Certificate is a 24-hour certificate that assists students in developing skills that provide care and support for those experiencing mental and behavioral issues. This certificate provides foundational knowledge for pastors, volunteers, and nonprofits seeking ways to assist licensed individuals in the care and support of those facing issues dealing with life. The certificate does not lead to licensure, nor does it meet PEER qualifications.

Equip Yourself to Offer Compassionate Care and Support in Communities

More than ever, people in our churches and communities struggle with mental and behavioral health issues. This can be seen in the rise of care ministries in local churches that provide outreach, support, and recovery groups. This non-counseling certificate program will give the learner a greater awareness and sensitivity to Christ-centered care and support for those experiencing life difficulties. This certificate provides foundational courses for students desiring to pursue degrees in ministry, psychology, or counseling.


PMIN 3713

Workshop in Pastoral Ministry

This course will feature a study of the various practices of pastoral ministry, including baptism, foot washing, and communion, along with such special services as marriage, funerals, dedication, and ordination. Biblical and theological backgrounds and practical aspects are emphasized. Actual services will be constructed. Attention will be given to the appropriate use of music, scripture, prayer, and other worship aids. Students will be expected to participate in both simulated worship services and regular worship services conducted by the class members.

PMIN 4623

Spiritual & Congregational Care

This course would expose students to various ministry models that would assist congregational leaders in meeting the congregation’s spiritual and critical life needs.

PMIN 4223

Conflict Management

In this course, students would explore and apply proven leadership tools and biblical principles for managing conflict within the church, workplace, and other life settings. Effective communication and conflict management skills are examined from a biblical perspective and given life application through readings, conflict scenarios, and research.

PSYC 1103

Introduction to Psychology

An Introductory course designed to acquaint the student with a broad view of psychology. It should introduce the student to the field’s major concepts, history, and development. In addition, attention is given to concepts such as learning, motivation, personality, stress, consciousness, intelligence, reasoning, and cognitive, social, moral, and psychological development.


Dynamics of the Family in Crisis

An examination of various crises that a family can experience throughout its various stages and the resources both within the family and external to it that can help family members through the crisis.

PSYC 3633

Psychology of Addictions and Substance Abuse

This is an introductory course in alcohol and drug counseling. It would focus on the historical, theoretical, and practical aspects of abuse, addiction, and chemical dependency counseling.

PSYC 3903

Stress Management

This course is designed to acquaint students with the basic principles of stress management and their application to personal and occupational stress situations.

PSYC 4333

Positive Psychology

Positive psychology is the study of how human beings prosper even in the face of adversity. Its goal is to identify and enhance the human strengths and virtues that make life worth living and allow individuals and communities to thrive. The study would examine the paradigm shift from pathology to strengths-based psychology. The focus would include pleasure and positive experience, happiness, positive thinking, flow, character strengths, values, talents, wellness, and positive interpersonal relationships.

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