Christian Leadership Certificate

Prepare for Ministry Leadership with a Christian Leadership Certificate

The Christian Leadership Certificate program will equip those desiring to be Christian leaders with basic knowledge of the Bible, individual and collective leadership skills, management of self and others, effective communication skills, conflict management, decision-making skills, and an awareness of essential information that addresses church tax and law standards.

No prior degree is needed to enroll in the Christian Leadership Certificate program.

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BIOT 3613

Foundations of Ethics: Hebrew Wisdom Literature

A study of Job, selected Psalms, Proverbs, and Ecclesiastes, emphasizing these books’ doctrinal depth, spiritual value, and ethical implications.

BUAD 4403

Church and Nonprofit Finances

A managerial course that includes nonprofit property and church property management with emphasis on those activities necessary to acquire, dispose, maintain, repair, and use nonprofit facilities; legal requirements; managerial policies and procedures relative to site location, building committees, inspections, and scheduling. Offered spring semester: odd numbered years.

MGMT 4203

Managing People: Groups and Leadership

Groups are the building blocks of organizations. Nearly everyone participates in both formal and informal groups at work. It is essential that managers understand groups because group processes directly affect creativity, problem solving, decision-making and productivity. This module provides insight into group formation and process, their power and influence in organizations and varying styles of leadership.

PMIN 1103

Foundations of Ministry

This is the first course in ministry for those who are preparing for ministry. Serious attention will be given to the nature of a call to ministry and an appropriate response. Through various testing instruments, observation and interview, the student will assess his/her temperament, interest, and gifts for ministry and/or other careers. Each person will receive assistance in setting personal and educational goals. Offered every semester.

PMIN 4223

Conflict Management

In this course, students will explore and apply proven leadership tools and biblical principles useful for managing conflict within the church, workplace, and in other life settings. Effective communication and conflict management skills will be examined from biblical perspective and given life application through readings, conflict scenarios, and research.

PMIN 4233

Nonprofit and American Church Law

The major focus is the legal rights, duties, and liabilities of nonprofit organizations and directors, officers, employees and volunteers relevant to (1) forming a nonprofit organization and establishing and maintaining tax-exempt status; (2) designated funds, reporting requirements, fiduciary duties and responsibilities, and liability; (3) clergy-penitent privilege, child and elder abuse reporting, and confidentiality; and (4) sexual misconduct, risk management, and lawsuits between Christ-followers. Some attention will be given to alternative means of conflict resolution and selected church and clergy tax and first amendment issues. Offered spring semester: even numbered years.

PMIN 4303

Leadership Formation

This course will introduce the student to basic leadership principles and methods. Students will be exposed to various leadership styles. Students will understand the principles of a personal leadership style, vision, mission and purpose. The student will examine the role of change, inspiration/motivation and servant leadership. Prerequisites: PMIN 1103. Offered every spring semester.

PMIN 4803

Professional Staff Relationships

Principles, practice of successful relationships with senior pastor and staff personnel. Prerequisite: PMIN 1103 and junior/senior standing. Offered spring semester: even numbered years.

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