Elder Alternative Pathway Certificate

The Elder Alternative Pathway Certificate is a course of study designed and delivered from a Wesleyan perspective to meet the ordination requirements for individuals seeking to be a Deacon in the Global Methodist Church (GMC). It consists of Bible theology and pastoral ministry courses that align with the criteria set out by the Global Methodist Church Book of Discipline to meet the ordination requirements to become an Elder.


BINT 3303


An exegetical and expository study of the book of Romans. The date and place of writing, destination, and occasion are studied, but the primary emphasis centers on discussion and studies that would help the student appreciate this particular letter’s value, strength, and theological importance.

BINT 3703

History of Christian Thought I

A survey of key events and figures in the history of Christian thought from the conclusion of the New Testament to the present.

BINT 3803

History of Christian Thought II

A survey of key events and figures in the history of Christian thought from the Reformation period to the present, with special attention given to Wesleyan-holiness tradition.

BIOT 3613

Foundations of Ethics: Hebrew Wisdom Literature

A study of Job, selected Psalms, Proverbs, and Ecclesiastes, emphasizing these books’ doctrinal depth, spiritual value, and ethical implications.

PMIN 4233

Nonprofit and American Church Law

The major focus is the legal rights, duties, and liabilities of nonprofit organizations and directors, officers, employees, and volunteers relevant to (1) forming a nonprofit organization and establishing and maintaining tax-exempt status; (2) designated funds, reporting requirements, fiduciary duties and responsibilities, and liability; (3)
clergy-penitent privilege, child and elder abuse reporting, and confidentiality; and (4) sexual misconduct, risk management, and lawsuits between Christ-followers. In addition, some attention is given to alternative means of conflict resolution and selected church and clergy tax and First Amendment issues.

THEO 2303

Introduction to Christian Theology

An introduction to nature (what is it?), the task (how do you do it?), and the shape (how does it fit together?) of Christian knowledge and God, humanity, sin, salvation, sanctification, the Church, and the end of the world.

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