Healthcare Management Certificate

Impact Patient Care with a Healthcare Management Degree

This 18-hour certificate program exposes students to advanced concepts specific to Healthcare Management providing a valuable credential demonstrating graduate-level training in the discipline. The Certificate may be earned as part of an Master of Business Administration (MBA) or full Master’s Degree program, or used at a later date to satisfy many of the requirements of a full graduate degree in the selected discipline.

A minimum of a bachelor’s degree is required to enroll in the Healthcare Management Certificate program.

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Certificate Requirements

MGMT 5113

Organizational Behavior

This course introduces the theories of behavior in human management. A critical analysis is performed on the contributions to the organizational behavior discipline and its research as applied to the business environment. The student will apply the theories of its research as applied to the business environment. The student will apply the theories of culture development, time management, job design, change, motivation, leadership development, communication, small group dynamics, and negotiation in the business setting.

COMM 5103

Advanced Professional Communication and Leadership Practicum

Advanced Professional Communication Leadership will provide a dynamic range of oral, written, and digital communication opportunities that will enhance student experience through diverse presentation methods. The course will posit opportunities for students to employ concepts, strategies, and content selected from individual
areas of interest and adapt these labors into public and/or digital performances that demonstrate applied skills across multiple modalities.

HC 5213

Healthcare Management

This course will review the unique nature of planning, organizing, and leading performed by managers in healthcare organizations. The course will include a review of the functional disciplines of management including; marketing, accounting, finance, legal, information systems, human resource behavior and management, and management science and their application in the healthcare environment.

HC 5223

Healthcare Legal Environment

This course will focus on the law as it relates to the delivery of healthcare in hospitals, nursing homes, medical offices and other medical care environments. The course will analyze the concepts associated with modern tort law as it applies to healthcare and will also review other areas of law that impact healthcare including contracts, criminal law, employment law, and other laws governing business organizations.

HC 5233

Healthcare Finance

This course provides an overview of the healthcare financial issues and explores the current financial climate.
Issues in reimbursement structures, regulatory mechanisms, and cost controls are discussed. For profit and not for profit financial statements and annual audits are reviewed and analyzed.

HC 5243

Healthcare Information Systems

This course introduces technological tools that support healthcare administration, management, and decision making.

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