Human Resources Management Certificate

Recruit, Motivate, and Retain Employees with a Human Resource Management Certificate

This 18-hour certificate program exposes students to advanced concepts specific to Human Resource Management providing a valuable credential demonstrating graduate-level training in the discipline. The Certificate may be earned as an Master of Business Administration (MBA) or part of a full Master’s Degree program, or used at a later date to satisfy many of the requirements of a full graduate degree in the selected discipline.

A minimum of a bachelor’s degree is required to enroll in the Human Resource Management Certificate program.

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Certificate Requirements

MGMT 5113

Organizational Behavior

This course introduces the theories of behavior in human management. A critical analysis is performed on the contributions to the organizational behavior discipline and its research as applied to the business environment. The student will apply the theories of its research as applied to the business environment. The student will apply the theories of culture development, time management, job design, change, motivation, leadership development, communication, small group dynamics, and negotiation in the business setting.

HR 5213

Compensation and Benefits Administration

This course explains and explores the diversity of benefit offerings while discussing the complimentary and distinctively different nature of each in terms of the total compensation package. The evolution of the power of benefits, the challenges associated with the administration of benefits, and the laws that govern such administration are also examined.

HR 5223

Human Resource Development

This course examines the dynamics of creating and implementing strategies to improve the effectiveness of employee contributions throughout an organization. This involves the analysis of opportunities to enhance position growth, skills development, performance management etc. to help ensure a culture of individual success as well as organization success.

HR 5233

Recruiting and Selection

This course examines the process of recruiting through identification of key sources of talent including the use of social media, traditional media, and other creative approaches to identifying pools of eligible talent. The process of selection is then pursued by exploring the processes of screening through the point of extending an offer and onboarding.

HR 5243

Labor Law and Employee Relations

This course delves deeply into the body of employment law that guides and informs the human resource professional’s conduct, decisions, and performance of key responsibilities within both union and non-union environments. The course will examine statutory and “case” law and regulations at all levels that have an impact on the employee/employer relationship.

HR 6213

Knowledge for Professional Certification

This course is specifically designed as a comprehensive review and analysis of the “body of knowledge” and creating a substantive level of familiarity and understanding of the professional field of human resources required to effectively and knowledgeably work within an effective human resource department. The intent of the course is not only to provide a level of knowledge to work effectively, but also to prepare the student to sit for the professional certification through the certifying organization of their choice.

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