Women in Ministry Leadership Certificate

Empower Yourself with a Women in Ministry Leadership Certificate

The Women in Ministry Leadership Certificate program is designed to encourage and empower women to define and develop her calling to bi-vocational or vocational ministry. Students will explore the unique roles of women in the Bible, investigate historical and contemporary influential female leaders, be challenged to assess one’s gifts, talents and skills for leadership and service in the church and ministry/work setting, and foster study skills to better prepare oneself for teaching and preaching. Students may apply credit hours earned to the Christian Ministries Bachelor’s Degree program.

No prior degree is needed to pursue the Women in Ministry Leadership Certificate program.

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Basic Principles of Inductive Bible Study

This course will introduce the basic principles of the Inductive Bible study method: observation, interpretation, composition and application.


Survey of Romans

This course will highlight Paul’s mission, purpose for writing, and theological themes, such as righteousness through faith, the need for salvation, and fundamentals for living the Christian life.


Foundations of Ethics: The Life and Teachings of Jesus

A study of the Gospels focusing upon the life and ministry of Jesus Christ and His death and resurrection, with a view toward applying His life-changing principles to one’s everyday life.


Health and Wellness

Addresses and explores the components of personal health blended with the presentation and understanding of information relating to fitness and wellness. Physical fitness and wellness along with the other ingredients of this course will create an understanding of how to improve health, have a higher quality of life, and longevity. (science, general education elective, elective)


Foundations of Ministry

This is the first course in ministry for those who are preparing for ministry. Serious attention will be given to the nature of a call to ministry and an appropriate response. Through various testing instruments, observation and interview, the student will assess his/her temperament, interest, and gifts for ministry and/or other careers. Each person will receive assistance in setting personal and educational goals. Offered every semester.


Women in Ministry

The participation of women in the vocation of ministry has contributed greatly to the mission of the church. The class explores theological, sociological, psychological and political issues raised by the participation of women in the ministerial vocation. Offered spring semester: odd numbered years.


Leadership Formation

This course will introduce the student to basic leadership principles and methods. Students will be exposed to various leadership styles. Students will understand the principles of a personal leadership style, vision, mission and purpose. The student will examine the role of change, inspiration/motivation and servant leadership. Prerequisites: PMIN 1103. Offered every spring semester.


Judeo-Christian Ethics

A study of theoretical and practical problems of moral conduct and proposed solutions with an emphasis upon the nature of ethics, values, right obligations, and opportunities.

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